The Stars Today (Aug 29) In Miniature

Our time here is limited.

Saturn teaches us to be patient — that we must be patient with Saturn and with Saturn transits and yet our time here is limited. What to do?

It’s 4:51 a.m. as I type this. Can’t sleep. I’m writing to you from the safe dark of a Brooklyn kitchen. One nightlight, my partner asleep in the other room. Could be hormones, why I can’t sleep. I know I’m not hungry. And I haven’t had any caffeine for two days. Could be the Gemini Moon causing busy mind, aspecting something in my chart.

But there I was, not sleeping in the living room and not sleeping in the bedroom and looking at my life from up above — sometimes I see myself as though through a third person’s eyes or God’s eyes. How upset I get sometimes. How we spent 40 bucks on lunch. How I must right now appreciate every moment, and how the impossibility of that makes me sad. We have moments of mindfulness and moments of sheer fog. When I stop to remember my good fortune, I feel afraid. When I stop to feel afraid, I… marvel.

When the Moon is void of course, it is recommended that we make no promises. We should relax. The Moon has stopped making aspects to the other heavenly bodies. She’s having her down time. But in Gemini, the multi-tasker. What to do?

And it’s Virgo Season. You feeling the Mercury? The over-thinking? The worry machine? Or are you crossing things off your list, getting it done.

During Virgo Season, we get clean.

It becomes time to remove the extra unhealthy patterns and habits, emotional, physical, spiritual. What is not working. What does not serve you. What are you doing so terribly imperfect ๐Ÿ˜‰ that it must change.

The key is to do it gently. Virgo can be critical, hard on self and others. And Mercury sees only what is right in front of its face. So that’s my advice to you.

Please see what, or who, is right in front of you, right now. Notice what is there. Not to hate it, but to love it. Love the detail.

There is plenty of time ๐Ÿ™‚ for the big vision, for invention, for adventure, but right now be VIRGO.

That laundry-detergent smell making your nose wiggle. The plastic container of leftover beef stew for breakfast tomorrow otherwise throw it out. The cat waiting for you. The sound of the fan. The color red. Refrigerator magnets. The man asleep in the bed ๐Ÿ™‚ Take nothing for granted.

Got plans for Virgo Season?ย 

Love, MP


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