The Stars Today! (And Tomorrow) SURPRISE!

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS and I was just writing on Facebook that… Aquarius is never what you think it will be.

That’s how they talk about Uranus. Expect the unexpected.

Same with actual Aquarius people. Don’t bother guessing. Just experience.

So whatever you think this Full Moon will REVEAL to you, bring to light for you, shake you up in such and such a way, etc… THINK AGAIN.


Jupiter square Uranus (exact tomorrow): feels like a continuation of the Full Moon.

The Full Moon brought a closing ceremony to your life especially if you were smart enough to initiate or attend one. NOW YOU KNOW (more than before).

Jupiter is the future. Uranus is the future. ARE YOU GETTING GLIMPSES OF YOUR FUTURE? And is it making you nervous?

Squares are work, hard work, but it’s work you… feel compelled to do.

My advice: get clear and conscious of the goal. Jupiter MUST HAVE NEEDS a goal. Make it more INSPIRING than your usual goal 🙂

Will there be a surprise (Uranus)? Maybe baby 🙂


Jupiter trine Chiron (exact tomorrow): it has gotten better. It is in process. It’s on the way to you. You’ve done the work. A TON OF WORK. You really can relax. Coast a bit. Reap rewards energy. ESSENTIAL to find these guys in your natal because it’s easy to miss a trine, take it for granted.

Jupiter is the most, the best you can hope for. Chiron is a teacher. Jupiter and Chiron: crazy wisdom 😉

What have you learned? Jupiter is NOT rational and reasonable. Jupiter goes ABOVE AND BEYOND.


SUN ENTERS VIRGO on the 22nd


Back to school, back to work (not that I was on vacation!) Summer is ending in the Big City.

And in my tradition, the New Year approacheth.

Gather it all up, my friends. What did you learn this summer? What changed? What stayed the same? What did the Grand Trine in Water show you or bring you or bless you with? And Pluto square Uranus? That ongoing achey place in your chart…

In the Jupiter Saturn class I am doing two kinds of discussion threads. One is more informationy. The other is… a sermon. It is Jupiter Week after all 🙂 I may not be in the business of saving lives, or even changing lives but… I will cop to giving it a try. Jupiter exaggerates and inflates but on a good day? CALL IT HOPE. And who couldn’t use a little extra.

Funny too, I’m thinking all this Jupiter thinking and who do I do a Reading for this morning? A Sag.

Blessings, my friends!

Love, MP


The Jupiter Saturn course is underway and yes you can still join us. Matthew doing chart analysis and me your discussion leader.

The new chat room/astrology group is off to a fine start (and there is room in there for you too). 

And READINGS READINGS READINGS are on-going. Please email me, message me, about any and all.

I’m not sure why but I am always tweaking my rates, trying to figure out how I work best. At this time I am sticking to hour-long Readings mostly and reduced the price a little because of this. (Mini-Moons or 15 minute ones still available though.)

ALSO BUY THREE HOUR-LONG and GET FOUR, to use at your convenience, email or IM or phone. $300

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