The Stars Today And The Secret To 2013

The Moon is in look-at-me Leo as I write this.

The Sun (who you are) is conjunct Pluto (death) in Capricorn. Venus (social life) and Mercury (more social life) in Sagittarius with Mercury farther along in the sign.

Mars (the hunt) newly in air sign (hunts with the mind) Aquarius, heading to sextile (feels good) Uranus (surprise!) in Aries.

Saturn (what you fear) in Scorpio (sex) is sextiling the Sun Pluto conjunction. Neptune, Chiron, and the North Node in water signs. Jupiter still retrograde in Gemini but goes direct end of January.

My diagnosis so far: On the one hand you want to assert: ME! And will do anything to stay on top of… whatever you feel you are at risk of losing. It’s heavy energy, right? Leo and Capricorn are at odds despite both having a certain um large and in charge style. And yet both fire and earth are supported in the sky right  now.

My suggestion: detach from the heavyosity, take a break from that fated feeling: relax, enjoy these last days before our next turning point, the entry into 2013. Portal time! Can you take the day off? It’s Sunday morning in the Big City 🙂

Now, Sun Pluto supporting Saturn and vice versa says: you can build/rebuild a strong foundation i.e. build/rebuild YOU in 2013. Whatever you’ve lost.

The suggestion is: balance. Too much Saturn and you feel you’re unworthy. Too much Pluto and you’re taking over due to paranoia. The sextile between Sun Pluto and Saturn shows an opportunity for harmony, healing, balance between what you are meant to do here (and who you are meant to be with) vs. your fear of it happening (or not).

In the private room, we are talking about various Pluto transits. Pluto on the Sun. Pluto on Saturn. Pluto square Saturn. Chains dragging along the floor is how I feel about Saturn and Pluto together. Plastic surgery is another image that came to mind. Soul surgery. 2012 saw young Libras out of their minds and hearts with Saturn on so many of their Plutos. Now they’ve come out the other side. Libra was also the empty leg in the tsquare from the recent Full Moon and the empty leg in the tsquare in late July 2013.

So what you do in 2013 is take the Libra key and stick it 🙂 turn the knob, open the door. Find the Libra house in your chart. Make yourself at home there, put your loving care there.

See, we get more chances to do Libra right. I know Saturn is in Scorpio now but if you failed Libra school while Saturn was in Libra, more chances are coming.

Your thoughts? 



P.S. Should be up and running again tomorrow, folks who I had to postpone this past week….

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