The Stars Today And The Gemini Moon!

"moon in gemini"

Gemini rules the intellect, rules information and inquiries, handwriting, highways, wrists, writers, versatility. Restlessness.

Do you have a Gemini in your life? Gemini rules communication. They’ll let you know! If they are talking? ย You’re in! If they’re not talking? You’re out! Or they’re busy. Or depressed. A depressed Gemini is a sad sad sight. Their minds are waves upon water and depression can tighten or slow down the mind.

Gemini also rules gossip. If your Gemini is feeling blue, engage them in some harmless but juicy talk.

The Moon is in Gemini today which is why she’s on my mind! She squared Neptune in Pisces already. I slept through that one ๐Ÿ™‚

Moon Neptune isย a sensitive psychic aspect. Sometimes confusing. Sometimes clear-seeing. Great for finding lost keys by smell.

The Moon sextiled Uranus in Aries in the wee hours as well. This aspect increasesย the speed and excitement of the emotions. The emotions became a fast car down the highway of Aries impulsiveness and Gemini multi-tasking. I think the cats woke me for their middle of the night feeding as this aspect was applying.

Tonight though, Big City time, the Moon will square the Pisces Sun. Not such a big deal but you might feel… “What do I do? There’s this party and there’s these people and there’s this action and I’ve got this pretty dress and this cute boy and I feel like dancing or at least chatting BUT I also feel the need to protect my energy. All these Pisces planets are making me feel… I don’t know! Not myself! I want to feel SAFE!”

Go to the party. Don’t go to the party. Gemini faces such decisions and really can be in two places at once as Gemini does tend to have a phone or two or three or other means of reaching the people they aren’t physically with. I don’t see Gemini as getting overwhelmed by the information overload of today’s world. It suits them just fine!

Some other Gemini keywords: twins, walking, travel, traffic, telegrams!

So, my friends, in honor of this Gemini Moon, make a friend! Take a walk! Talk to someone! Be lively, be social, be cute. The Geminis I know usually have an awfully cute spritely side even if their chart is filled with the more somber Scorpio hues (a combo I see a lot) or the mothering smothering food-love of Cancer ๐Ÿ˜‰

Follow the Moon and you’ll follow your moods each month. Try it! It’s fun says Gemini!


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