The Stars Today And The 8 Of Cups

"moon in cancer"

I have a BIG decision to make and I don’t know how to make it.

I do think today’s sudden hot weather is messing with my mind but it’s not just that. It is a BIG decision.

How do *you* make big decisions? The kind that change your life forever? 

Or maybe you don’t make decisions. Instead you stay passive and let life decide. Some things will pass you by if you wait like that.

And then sometimes the answer falls from the sky. That’s what I’d like to happen right now.

Are you listening, heavens above? 

And I believe all this decision making or non-decision making is related to THE NUMBER 8.

Venus in Gemini is at 8 degrees now. Uranus is at 8. Pluto is at 8. Uranus and Pluto are squaring. Venus is sextiling Uranus. But Venus is retrograde.

Are the insights backwards? Or not at all? Where the f–k are they? Hiding in plain sight.

I was tweeting about this earlier today. About the 8 of Cups: it hurts but you got to go, you got to turn around, turn away, move on to the next thing.

But is the next thing the thing you left behind? Or the thing you are running towards? Are they the same?

There is a DISTINCT lack of clarity right now and yet clarity feels like it’s on its tippy toes, just around the corner but we can’t see it, we can’t feel it despite the Sun now in Cancer. We know that it’s there. We hope it will emerge.

In the meantime, the only thing I can think of is to defer to Jupiter: refuse to lie down and die despite vulnerable Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Cancer who has a tendency to hide in the bed.

With planets in Cancer, you can’t not feel, but… in a sky like this? Do it in moderation.


Love, MP

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