The Stars Today And A Meditation For All Festivals Of Light This Season

"venus in capricorn"
and your message for the world is?

What’s on my mind this morning: the question of “what’s next” and not asking “So Now What!” so continually: hello Mr. Fix-It-Mars-in-Virgo looking for the next problem to solve and fix it before the fear gets out of hand, the fear of your wooly life so tremendous.

Sit still instead, like a tree, be the tree today: plenty of earth in the sky to support this, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. It is possible to move and be still.

And it’s that feeling of all the cars moving, you are walking against traffic, but where are they, you, going and sitting still inside that too despite all melancholy urge — so resist this urge to provoke response and reaction — do the high art of Pluto living which is surrender, not intensity, wherever Pluto is in your life, your chart.

It’s a lot to consider, I know. It is for me too.

Hold your peace is what I’m thinking under this sky. Hold it in your hands, in your arms — it’s physical.

Sun in Sagittarius (expansion) says go. Venus in Capricorn (Saturn = delay) says wait. Mercury now direct redirects our energy from slowed to go-go-go but wobbly still so hold it (again). The Moon in Leo so it’s fitting to shine and there’s a grand trine to this fire: Moon/Mercury/Uranus: Leo/Sagittarius/Aries. Your feelings, your thinking, your inspiration. You may suddenly figure it ALL out by big picture thinking: Sagittarius Sun vs details and side effects i.e. Mars in Virgo.

My final anwer: it’s not just the still small voice inside you (as the Psalmist wrote about) the one you must learn to hear — it’s also a flickering flame of candle or inspiration or fireplace or cooking gas or lightening. Don’t fan it but don’t blow it out either.

The Sun in Sagittarius (the worldly traveler) wants to know: what’s your message for the world today? 

"moon pluto conjunction"
a sun for the moon in leo!

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