The Stars Today: ALL CONSUMING

"pluto in the 5th house" The idea that Pluto is all consuming — wherever it is transiting your chart. And wherever it lives in the natal. This is not a new idea of course 🙂 but it’s on my mind.

Are you feeling this? Are you feeling your Pluto? Living it? Or are you projecting OUT, away from you? 

I have a cold. It started last night. Maybe it started two days ago. But I’ve spent much of the day in bed and some of this day watching Lars von Trier movies. I’ve never looked at this chart but his movies remind me of the transgressive compulsive sick-making side of Pluto. The side that cannot stop — no matter what is lost. And it’s a blindspot, how bad we are behaving.

But if we can somehow — through grace? through the grace of God? — be given the opportunity to SLOW DOWN and observe our compulsions, then we can wriggle our way out of repeating pattern after pattern after pattern.

Where Pluto (energy) transits is where you will punish or be punished. And where you will redeem and be redeemed. Yes, Saturn in Scorpio is a “Pluto transit.” 

We are currently under a deliciously analytical Virgo sky. If there is something you need to figure out: TODAY IS THE DAY. Sun in Virgo. New Moon in Virgo. Mercury in Virgo. Turn over all tables. Look for dust 🙂 and gum. And secret handwriting. Unlock mysteries.

The Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio of course is supportive of Virgo but listen — not everyone is going to want to hear your truths. Be smart about it. Be strategic about it. Share at the right time. And do not take their refusals personally. Pace yourself. The opportunity for healing is immense. Chiron in Pisces (retrograde) is trining Mars Saturn. The problem you have before you is not new. But this particular opportunity to see the truth IN THIS PRECISE (Virgo) WAY is new.

Venus trine Uranus too. Can you tell I love this sky? Those of us Chiron in Aries generation (around 10 degrees or so) particularly benefit from Jupiter. Venus square Mars Saturn just shows the way and the work of the heart. Can you see? What you’ve been doing wrong?

You may be feeling ugly (under Venus square Saturn) but the solution is Pluto in Capricorn: to go even deeper into the earth. The ugly you see and feel has NOTHING to do with the mirror. I know you know this.

Also, a little black eyeliner never hurt anyone. I know it lifts my spirits 🙂

Tarot class starts this Wednesday! Are you in? 
Something I posted on my Facebook the other day: 


Class begins THIS WEEK:

Some folks are under the impression that this is NOT a beginner’s class.

TRUE we are not starting at the beginning with “what is tarot” or “what are the four suits”

HOWEVER your questions are welcome and you needn’t worry about tangents. We learn together. None of us knows it all.

If we are talking about inverted cards and you want to know what an upright ACE means or what the ACES are about in general, that is fine and perfect. I promise!

This is a month-long clinic and we will be pacing ourselves, taking our time. I’ve been told I inundate people with information sometimes (which some people love lol) and in this class I want to be there, be present, give over information but also do it in a relaxed way.

YES I do have pet topics I want to discuss – but they can be folded nicely into whatever your level or Tarot interest is —

I want to discuss, among other things:

-theories of inverted cards. Should you or shouldn’t you. Various meanings for some inverted cards

-some “off the beaten path” meanings — to add to your Tarot vocab, including some Kabbalistic

-discussions of cards that vex us!

-go deeper into the Celtic Cross (based on a conversation I had with Rachel Pollack)

-I also plan to have us create our OWN mini virtual Tarot decks! And do little readings for each other with these

-one gal mentioned wanting to focus on reading card combinations. We can do that too!

I attract smart and nice and deep people in my classes — always a bonus!

ALSO it will be a small group, which is GOOD for beginners. Under 10 participants for sure.

Got more questions? Please message me. We’ll be starting Wednesday/Thursday this week.

I also look forward to sharing my experiences as a Tarot Reader. Something I never planned to do as a profession.

Is it a psychic tool? Is it a portal to mysterious realms? Does it connect you to everything that was and will be?

Hmm. I guess I will be asking WHAT IS TAROT after all

Class beings this week in a secret Facebook group

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