The Stars Today: Advice For The Big Squeeze!

"mutable grand cross"

We’re being tested.

That’s what the Mutable Cross feels like to me:

Venus in Gemini, Mars in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces, and the transiting Node in Sagittarius.

It’s a test to find out whether you are strong enough, whether you have integrity, whether you make authentic decisions about your life. I consider it a Saturn test even though Saturn isn’t involved in the Cross. (But wait, we’ll get to Saturn soon enough!)

Venus is love, Mars is desire, Neptune is the spirit, and the Node is a destiny point.

These 4 folks in tense formation even though others probably wouldn’t include the transiting Node… it’s like… how far can you be stretched ow ow ow ow ouch! And Neptune causes confusion about the whole thing.

What are the limits asks Saturn of your compassion says Neptune.

Are you willing to sacrifice yourself asks Neptune. Why or why not? What is the correct answer.

What is yours (Mars) and what is theirs (Venus)?

What is your future asks the Node?

Are you making choices about your life and if not you then who is?

When Neptune is hovering around you in hard aspect? Refrain.  Just… refrain. Because you may make decisions that you will regret. And if you are like me, with a natal Venus square Neptune, you deal with this routinely.

Yesterday, news of my friend’s illness triggered my grief reaction. My body went into shock, psychological shock. My arms and legs felt heavy. I was mourning the living.

At some point, mid-afternoon, I came out of it, after we made plans to see each other this weekend and his mood was so cheerful.

Also on this day, I almost made a wrong decision. Almost. Not just wrong for me, but wrong in general. Wrong in a Nodal kind of way, a destiny fated way.

But that’s the kind of test that’s available now, free of charge!

It’s like… this Mutable Cross is the Minor Arcana…. real life, troops on the ground decisions, very daily life type decisions BUT with ramifications for YOUR bigger picture, larger cycle, Major Arcana.

And with Venus in Gemini? You are of HOW MANY minds?

Do not expect clarity. Mercury also stationed direct. Please do not expect clarity.

My suggestion is that if you are feeling this energy and you feel confused… that you muddle along this week, do your work, eat your vegetables, and stay out of trouble or as my sister told me last night, “Don’t borrow trouble.”

Don’t make any big decisions if you can avoid it, meaning the kind of decisions that would forever change your path.

Point is this: the Mutable Cross is a test… and I want you to pass the test. I want to pass the test.

And with Mutable planets, the energy is bound to shift. Who we think we are will shift. What we think we want will shift. Underneath this energy however is stability, a stable vortex — that’s how it feels to me. That the Mutable Cross is wavy gravy moving but the core is the core is the core and it breathes and it is YOU and that’s what you can’t grasp now but once this Cross breaks apart… you’ll either 1. sit on the floor among the ruins or 2. step out into a new day with your Self intact.

Which will it be? 

So take a chill pill and stick close to your routine, and… await news from the Full Moon which is conjunct Saturn in Libra. Aha! That’s the Saturn point that I was hinting at early on in this blog post. Responsibility (especially in relationships because this is Libra) may not be glamorous but when your actions match your beliefs, when you are aligned with yourself and your Ideal (to use an Edgar Cayce term)… it’s as though you can stand before the king with no shoes on.


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