The Stars Today: Abandoned Places

"saturn in scorpio"The sky is harmonious and profound. The Moon in Capricorn sextiles the stellium in Scorpio: Sun, Mercury (retrograde), and the Node of Fate.

Find this Scorpio stellium in your chart. Penetrate there. Investigate there. Share there. Stay there. Don’t flit around your chart. Focus! 🙂

Did you know that Capricorn rules abandoned places? No wonder the Moon isn’t at home in this sign (so they say). Every Moon must learn to mother herself.

Sometimes I feel the most incredible peace and feel it when I’m alone (alone with my animals). No other human energy nearby, not even in the next room. Silence. The entire day before me. Freedom. Even as I write these words (I was taking notes for this post), the sound of the pen on my post-it 🙂 and it’s not a lonely feeling — because what I feel is full, lacking nothing at these times and the solitude repairs me, mothers me.

Other star news: Mars is now in Capricorn. Venus in late Libra. Saturn at 5 degrees Scorpio getting closer to the first exact sextile (and mutual reception) with Pluto in Capricorn (7 degrees). A Scorpio Season like no other 🙂

Your Scorpio and Capricorn houses are the ones to watch! The sextile is a working aspect. Do a little magic and voila!

What makes you feel nurtured?



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