The Stars Today! A Sturdy Sky

"moon pluto conjunction"
the sky is strong and tall today

I’m feeling scrambled and I can’t blame the sky. Scrambled is definitely the word for it.

Felt under the weather last week. Felt better. And then sick again since Sunday evening.

What I do blame is the wacky NYC weather: warm then cold then warm then cold and my body doesn’t adjust.

So when I look at the sky, so to speak, and I see what’s shaking… it feels sturdy to me. Not scrambled. So it must be something in *my world* my particular transits and immune system that’s causing this wavy gravy.

We’re dominated by earth in the fast moving planets – solid, steady, stable, worky, sturdy.

Moon newly in Leo which could give us some fun and flash but also steady because Leo is THE SUN!

Venus still in Aquarius, also a fixed sign – more steady and stable energy? Well, it depends on the Aquarius 😉

So it’s not always the sky. But sometimes it is. Or a little of each.

As for my chart, I’m being OPPOSED. Capricorn Sun and Mercury opposes my Cancer. Venus in Aquarius opposes my Venus in Leo. It’s an energy I get by transit but not in my own chart, my own chart being mostly empty of the almighty opposition.

And I can’t forget Mars in Virgo sitting between my Moon and Pluto these days — the transit that was giving me ungodly energy has now, it seems, flattened me, probably, for overdoing it.

But that’s my story. What’s yours? Does your chart support Capricorn? Leo? Aquarius? 

Note to self: turn off this damn thing and go to sleep!

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