The Stars Today, A Scorpio Day: Moon and Mars Kiss

"mars in scorpio retrograde" I’m writing to you from the Little City. That’s what I used to call my current city, after I moved from Brooklyn. Brooklyn was the Big City. This place, the little one.  It’s a cold windy sunny day. I just made a Tarot video and my hands appeared to be glowing from the sun.

Today is boring. (Which could mean we have no inner resources, to paraphrase poet John Berryman.)

And yet… compared to the rest of the week, today IS boring. I’ve blogged about it. Mentioned it in a video or two. But let me remind you. This week:

Mercury goes retrograde. Jupiter goes retrograde. Venus squares Neptune. Venus conjoins Saturn. Sun conjoins Pluto and squares Uranus. AND THEN we have the cherry, the Saturn cherry, the New Moon in Capricorn which is trine Jupiter. 


Today you can breathe. Ah. Breathe. Go dark today because you’ll need your energy for the week.

Wait. No. It’s not about output of energy.  It’s more about silence and observation. Some Magician yes but a bigger portion of High Priestess. A big bowl of High Priestess. High Priestess on the rocks with lemon. That’s my take on it anyway. To lower reactivity. And increase the eyes of the owl.

Make sense? Stillness and wisdom. Watchful. Wakeful. Owl.

Message me if you have questions.

And I drew a card of course.

The Two of Cups??? For Moon and Mars in Scorpio day? Hmmmmm. 

You know what? I’ve got a client shortly so… I think I’ll just leave you with that card 😉 make of it what you will but it looks like a serendipitous meeting to me.

But who exactly is it you are looking at? Him? Her? Yourself? Your God? Your Angel, Helping Spirit etc etc etc etc???????

Who? Who?