The Stars Today: A Good Day To Be Born!

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

(Pictured here is heroic Aung San Suu Kyi who has her Sun in Gemini. Now *this* is what women are capable of. When I read or hear about this woman I feel proud unlike so much of what passes for supposed post-feminist womanhood these days. Okay, rant over.)


Sometimes I wake up with people’s “stuff” in my head.

And I often can get to walking around with people’s stuff. An example: let’s say I’ve got an email reading in progress and I’ve read an email while on the road, I may be here or there and not able to respond (I wait until I’m home) and suddenly I’ll get ideas, insights, even though I’m not at my desk.

And this morning I woke up with someone’s stuff and I do plan to tell them once I get started on readings. Sometimes things just come to mind.


You can expect your information to double while the Sun is in Gemini. You can expect to be busy. Gemini rules cars and highways AND desks. Take a trip and write about it.

Now that the world is wireless, I wonder if anyone works at a desk anymore. Well, I do… even though I want to get a new computer soon and do more work away from home. Back to the coffee shop cafe life of my college days.

And maybe, just maybe, if there are any local people interested, a small group, I’ll hold some informal Astro-Gatherings. Jupiter transiting my 9th House wants to teach.



Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct in late Taurus. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in  early Gemini. Venus is trine Saturn (Gemini/Libra) and both are retrograde. Whatever your relationship story is at this time… this isn’t the final chapter. Gemini Season has more to tell you.

Where is Mars for you now? 10 degrees Virgo, he’s moving along little by little. The little (Virgo) Mars that could! I have not been smoking. I am cutting out coffee (not because I want to, but because it irritates my stomach). Health is wealth says Virgo.

I think about the souls born today. They will be Gemini smiling and Taurus sweet and Pisces squares will add a mystical side to the nature. Venus Retrograde in their chart will make them approach beauty and art in a different way, which is always needed! Uranus square Pluto will be irascible or powerful, or both. Venus trine Saturn, with both planets retrograde, feels like a time machine to me. I would expect these souls to have many karmic meetings in their lifetime(s)!

Do you have Gemini in your life? 

Love, MP

PS It’s really thundering and lightening here! I can’t remember the last time I heard such a loud BOOM WOW!!!

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