The Stars Today: Moon In Aries

Day Two in the Meditation Hall: for two weeks I start my day in there with a few words and reminding them of the technique for the day. This is what I wrote just now:

We’re only on Day 2. Working with the goals you chose (did you set goals? how clear are they?) can be subtle. 

Don’t get too frustrated if it goes slowly. However, do stay aware of the time. This “retreat” is 5 days. Two days off (weekend). Then another 5 days. If you are not careful. you will miss it. Don’t fall into escapism. There is a difference between genuine connection with the Divine vs. escapism. 

Any questions or thoughts about the technique? I would like you to continue with it on Day 2. Always returning to the out-breath. Trying to keep the body still but comfortable. Paying attention to what your body and mind do. The mind chatters. It won’t stop until you’re dead. Some days more, some days less. 

I will sit at 9pm again tonight and another time during the day to be announced. 

HOMEWORK for this day: the noticing technique. We did this the last class as well. That you periodically stop during your day to… wake up. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whoever you are with. 

This may be painful for some of you. It requires absolute presence. Some may avoid it. Often our lives are spent avoiding how we feel, what’s actually happening. It’s like.. when you wake up in the morning and you don’t want to wake up in the morning but there you are. 

The practice, the meditation practice supports you. It is, possibly, the only way out of hell. 

Today’s Inspiration comes from the Chasidic Masters: 

“Our Sages teach us that ‘standing is nothing other than prayer.’ A righteous person never actually stands still, for he is constantly ascending from one level to the next. But when he is standing in prayer before God, he is standing still, for it is then impossible to go further.” 


I won’t be posting regularly what I do in there. The class is a private space but I wanted to share the one from this morning to give you an idea of what I’m up to. I hadn’t even intended to delve into prayer or prayer practice this time around but it’s on my mind these days.

The Moon is in Aries as I type this: conjunct Uranus, inconjunct Saturn, square Pluto, sextile Jupiter. Not all these aspects are exact now but think of this as the energy we are under — all of it. Aries is impatient, Aries can be volatile. The New Moon is tomorrow which is a fresh start but what to do with the Aries rage. Bottle it? No, too repressive. Let it out? Well, somebody could get hurt. We must always work “by axis” i.e. the opposite of Aries is Libra: force plus grace. Force yourself to meditate, force yourself to pray. Force yourself not to despair.

Pluto retrograde this week is a flashing neon sign. I know I know you probably don’t think of either Capricorn or Pluto as bright lights but that’s exactly what it is. I would even offer up that where Pluto is transiting is THE most important place in your chart. If you aren’t obsessed THERE, then you are doing something wrong. But take that obsession, that fuel, and don’t let it fester. Do something with it. Create.

And surrender. Yes, surrender. One of Isabel Hickey’s keywords for higher vibration Pluto. And as a wise man said to me the other day: there is a difference between quitting and surrender.

Love, MP


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