The Stars This Weekend: YOU ARE ROOTED

You are going to have to face it all on your own eventually. If you live long enough. "full moon in pisces"
Or maybe not.

Some of us are THAT blessed. Or not. Is it a blessing?

To never have to do… x, y, z. To bury a parent. To bury a child. To be cast out. To make a living. Buying your own dishes. To lose. To lose. To lose. We aren’t all tested in the same ways.

A friend told me this morning: I’m rooting for you. Thank you friend. I AM ROOTED.

The Stars this Weekend:
Venus enters Virgo on Friday. Virgo is the critic. There will be analytical lashing out. Try keeping your nasties to yourself. Mercury now in Libra is the Devil’s Advocate. GET THEE BEHIND ME DEVIL! 😉 Seriously. If people provoke you, try to egg you on? LEAVE the scene.
Mercury inconjunct Neptune: lies, lies, and liars. Believe nothing and no one. I would not sign a contract this day or make a deal or look your lover in the eye.
Sun opposes Chiron PLEASE NO NOT THIS ONE


Yes, my loves, Virgo Season means Pisces gets OPPOSED (Virgo and Pisces argue with each other, reality vs fantasy and denial) and soft swirling Neptune and wounded Chiron are transiting Pisces so they get hit. And hit. And hit. And hit. And hit again. Right in the puss. But the worst part is that — the damage just fades from view. Neptune dissolves. The hitter doesn’t know how much you hurt. Doesn’t get it. Oblivious. Obliviousness. Oblivion. But if you use your WISE MIND, you can find help, your peeps. They ARE there for you. Trust me on this. There’s a crowd of them. Rooting for you.

And then the Full Moon in Pisces on September 8th. What shall be revealed and where? In what part of your chart? This Full Moon will get its on blog post…

I don’t know what else to do but draw cards these days — because there are no words. Just feelings. Images. And the occasional scream.

Sun inconjunct Uranus on Full Moon day. This is also a scream. The scream of WHO AM I? The Sun is “who you are” — ego/identity and in stressful aspect to Uranus (crazy): your mirror is fragmented. My advice: don’t look. Just don’t look. You need distraction. This is why television was invented 🙂

Okay so it looks like an annoying weekend (and Monday) to say the least. We need some heavenly guidance here:

Page of Swords. "full moon in pisces" Princess of Swords in this deck. My favorite meaning for this card is about cutting through emotional intensity. She goes higher than the pain of the moment.

And YES the Sword is heavy. You feel too small for it, that you cannot wield it. And anyway how dare YOU swing it. You. How dare you soar like a bird but soar you must.

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