The Stars This Weekend: Up All Night! September 14th/15th

I felt a little overwhelmed when looking at this weekend’s transits. Let’s break it down a little. I want to talk about what’s jumping out at me.

Today, September 13th: Venus is trine Neptune. LOVE IS IN THE AIR but Love (Venus) is in Scorpio.

As I wrote on Facebook: the Sun is still in Virgo but it’s already DO OR DIE season around here. Scorpio is NOT a sugar cookie. Repeat after me: Scorpio is NOT a sugar cookie (more like belladonna).

Venus + Neptune in harmonious aspect: something IS going right in your world (with your resources and define that however you want) if only you would tune-in and notice it. Not let it pass you by. There is an undercurrent though, thanks to this Scorpio, which feels like… you can’t quite shake how it was, despite whatever is shaping up for you now. Reminds me of the Jewish wedding ceremony. A glass is broken. We interrupt the joy. But then we return to it. Our lives begin.


September 14th and 15th:  we’re still under the influence of the Venus Neptune trine but we also have a mighty mighty YOD between Chiron in Pisces, Mars in Leo and Mercury in Libra. There are other aspects as well but I want to tackle this one first.

What I want you to do is KEEP YOUR EYE ON CHIRON.

Keep your eye on transiting Chiron (in your chart) AND your natal Chiron (because those issues, of your natal Chiron, will echo). That’s the key here. There IS forward movement. FINALLY. And by forward movement I mean a deal is being sealed. It could be a decision. A decision that you need not share with anyone BUT YOU KNOW. YOU KNOW NOW that…

-you really do deserve that job and you are perfect for it

-this really is THE love of your life

-that dream really was prophetic and that voice you heard inside you really is Divine guidance  (For the people facing unbearable tests at this time, my heart is with you.)

What will it take? COURAGE. Stepping up. Mars is in LEO. What will it take? OTHER PEOPLE. Mercury in Libra. Don’t go it alone.

Chiron always involves pain. The embarrassing kind. Not a broken ankle but a broken heart, broken spirit.

But with this Mars/Mercury sextile in the signs of heroic Leo and righteous Libra? You realize the solution has been there all along, or at least for a while now, right in front of you.

Here’s the problem: Mercury is also square Pluto.

You can still fall into tactic-land: manipulation, paranoia, drama.

But then in rides a solution: Mars is trine Uranus! This energy is so… it’s yang but yin. Let me try to explain. Mars is yang. Uranus is yang. Leo and Aries: both yang. Forceful, proud, “masculine” energy. Like Clark Gable in the Misfits.

But the trine? Trines flow like rivers, yin. It’s such a high vibration, it’s so fast, so fleeting, so RECEPTIVE, so soprano (know what I’m saying?) you will miss it if you blink.

So pay attention and don’t worry about sleep this weekend. A gal in the Moon Lodge already commented that she hasn’t been sleeping well and honestly I think that’s perfect for this sky.

Sleep when it comes. Dream when it comes. And, again, think about Chiron and the number 10. Completion. Chiron and Mars at 10 degrees and Mercury not far behind. That’s what is changing now for you. That degree in your chart and where Chiron is for you.

Love, MP

P.S. And I didn’t even mention yet (at least not in this post) Saturn in Scorpio trine Chiron or Pluto in Capricorn sextile Chiron. But basically if you’ve got stuff at 8,9,10 degrees, you are in direct conversation with the Divine.


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