The Stars This Weekend: Moon In Aquarius!

What I see and feel STARWISE:

people are just NOT IN THE MOOD.

And yes I am in an ALL CAPS MOOD. All caps. Moon in Capricorn. Get it?


Caps are for emphasis. I promise I’m not yelling but EMPHASIZING that you better get to work and if YOU read this post out loud to yourself or to others then, well, I hope that YOU TOO will read/speak emphasizing the ALL CAPS. 🙂 It will make you smile.

Now about the Stars Today: 

Moon’s in Capricorn squaring the Sun in Libra as I type this. Both Capricorn and Libra tend to feel obligated so this is an itchy scratchy square. Wherever you turn, something to be done and you want to look good while doing it, and you probably will, but then you feel guilty. For something. Anything. The guilt is… a relief somehow. You feel you DESERVE the guilt. Oh Moon in Capricorn. When I hug you, your bones feel about to break. I want to feed you, says my stellium in Cancer BUT WAIT:

The Moon now is also opposing Jupiter. Somebody is just dying to make you happy FEED YOU but to you it feels silly. Or that there is NO TIME AT ALL. After all, YOU’VE GOT WORK TO DO!!!!

Moon in Cap pretty much out of orb of Pluto and Uranus though. This is good news. SAFE. Less dramarama than earlier today.

So if you felt crappy this afternoon (well, afternoon in NYC) that may have been why.

If you were DROWNING under your list of responsibilities DUTY DUTY DUTY DUTY and picking on others or picking on yourself or seeing the NEG side of everything? That was why.

But now? Ease. Easier. Breathe. 

The weekend? A gift: SUN square JUPITER and Moon in Aquarius. We are buoyant. We are free. We are like balloons, up up up, separate from our tethers. We have LEFT THE NEST. Have an adventure planned? PLAN AN ADVENTURE.

Here’s a story about Moon in Aquarius: they really aren’t soulless and robotic. Aquarius has this reputation for… loving humanity and hating people. Or, alternately, being friends with everyone, unable to get close close close. Unable to… throw down the feeling gauntlet. Unable to MERGE.

Now of course we find all types of all signs and Aquarius is the scientist, observing you but OMG the perceptions and revelations that Aquarius can bring  you? Can bring tears to your eyes. This is not soulless. This is not robotic. This is not only seeing what’s right in front of them, but also making intuitive observations of great depth, standing back and OBSERVING THE TRUTH. Which can soften you. MOVE YOU. Groove you. Woo you. Joy. THIS WEEKEND? OBSERVE. OBSERVE AND THEN SPEAK. TELL WHAT YOU SEE.

And I LIKE that the Moon in Aquarius dovetails with Sun in Libra square Jupiter not only because Aquarius and Libra trine (flowing energy, no interruption of circuitry, no glitch, no stagnation, free as a bird energy, mental but in a good way, idea energy) but because Sun square Jupiter is a bigger, better you, an ego coddling, good company, WHICH WE NEED BECAUSE the Venus Neptune square is waning and you may feel bereft.

And then I pulled THE STAR card, my friends. I kid you not. Basically you need to get back to work (Saturn co-rules Aquarius) and not give up. That IS your work.

I was telling someone this evening (on a Skype reading) that pondering the meaning of your life is not a luxury but necessity. Yes we need to eat, sleep, pay rent, all the daily duties BUT in those moments, those in between times when you call out to your Lord, WHAT THE FUCK–

Well, it’s just necessary. Don’t waste another moment. She is having transits that support self-inquiry (some lovely Jupiter action) but C’MON PEOPLE DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU LANDED HERE FOR NO REASON AT ALL?

Jeez. Wake up. I will try to, too. This weekend. To wake up.


Love, MP


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