The Stars This Weekend: Scorpios In Their Element

Whenever I get a Tarot reading, I always get a message about sleep. How’s my sleep. I need to sleep more. Sleep sleep sleep.

Sometimes I think I’m catching a cold and my head is fuzzy and more often then not it’s sleep that I need. Not tylenol or even warm socks that have been lying atop the radiator, although those help too 🙂

We are in high winter, my friends, high winter in the Big City. Next week though, I’m told, it warms up.

I’m inviting you here again, to sit with me, because I want to talk about the weekend. Sunday in particular. And I did talk about Sunday before but as I was just writing someone, I tend to forget what I post right after I post it and perhaps you do too 🙂

Sunday is an intense day, my friends, and I’m going to give you the advice portion of this blog post first: SLEEP. Sleep as much as you can today/tomorrow so that you can steadily experience (and enjoy?) whatever gift Sunday has to give 🙂

The details:

The Moon is in Scorpio all day Sunday. She creeps into Scorpio not long after 1 a.m.

In the wee hours, the Moon will trine mystical Neptune. And in the morning the Moon will inconjunct upredictable Uranus. At around noon, she’ll trine ouchy Chiron. 90 minutes later, she’ll inconjunct happy god Jupiter.

Tired yet? Late afternoon she squares warrior Mars and then sextiles deathmarch Pluto and tricky Mercury. It’s a lot. Remember, the Moon is what you need to feel safe and secure. The Moon is your mood.

Finally, a little after 6pm, she conjuncts homework-giver Saturn. Splat! Busy busy Moon in Scorpio! She’s got a case load THIS BIG. And the cherry on top (ha!) of this day is Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.  Like you won’t be thinking about life and death all day long? Oh you will.

Do I think you are going to be holding on? Yes. Do I think you will be feeling intensely? Yes. Do I think you’ll be feeling run over? Some of you, yes. Do I think you will focus laser-beam style on whatever’s in your eyeview? Probably. Do I think you will kill or be killed? Only metaphorically. I see you defending your turf. I see you protecting the innocent. I see you going deep within to the interior of YOU, to where transiting Pluto is in your chart. What chakra is that, hmm? Pluto is leaving my root chakra 🙂 It’s also an excellent day for psychic work, all you groovy mystics out there 🙂

Once again those are the houses in your chart to watch: Scorpio and Capricorn. They sextile. There is opportunity here. Sure it’s only ONE DAY, these particular transits, this particular day, this soon into 2013, but remember next week is our New Moon in Capricorn. Eyes open. Every day you get another chance. Not dead yet.

You know what I think? I think you are doing both. I think you are holding on *and* you are letting go. And that’s fine.

By the way, the reason I suggest sleep this weekend is because sleep is rejuvenating not only in the ways we understand but also in mystery ways. Limitless ways. Ways we need. And I think that’s why some of us have sleep problems. Because we know that the soul wanders during sleep time and some of us don’t want to let go.

One more thing: in the comments, a gal was happy that I  mentioned the Phoenix in an earlier post. Well, Sunday will be a day-long Phoenix experience for you 🙂 May the best man win.


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