The Stars This Weekend: Ride The Tiger

Refusing to believe in yourself is a choice. There is something you’re too scared to imagine.


Friday:  Neptune alert! Moon enters Pisces mid-afternoon in the Big City. Good aspects abound. Sextiles. Pleasant. No complaints. Catch up on feeling better. Moon sextile Mercury and Mercury sextile Neptune. Sensitive aspects. Delicate. Subtle. Could be good for writing.

This day? THUMBS UP. Be gentle in your approach. Your vision may be hazy dazy, but you won’t mind. You need a break anyway. Daydream, you visionary you. To paraphrase Robert Frost, the only guide you need is the one who has at heart your getting lost. THAT kind of day.

Saturday: more of the same but richer, more amber, more rust, but not sad at all, nope. Texture to this day. Moon trine Saturn, sextile Mars and Pluto, conjunct Chiron, sextile the Sun, and then square Jupiter. Boom boom boom.

If you want to focus on the ouchy Chiron conjunction go ahead but there’s more harvest than woe in this sky. Moon in Pisces loves and needs this back-up, Mars the bass and Pluto the drums. This is STRUCTURE so that you can be as Neptune as you want this weekend. Indulge it. A good day for glitter.

Sunday the spell is broken. Or is it? Will you even notice? Mercury opposes Saturn. Yeah, you’ll notice but if you followed your gut then you dreamt, you danced, you sang, you beat your rainbow drum, you got high, higher, higher. Mercury opposes Saturn and you’re back on earth with a thud but at least you’re home.

Wait. More good news. The Moon kisses sweet Venus in Taurus before going void of course, and then (a few hours later) Mars makes a trine to Pluto to end the weekend on a rather substantial note. Ah Mars and Pluto together. These two in combination can be murderous rage or… the power to heal the living. Or bring back the dead. And that’s no Neptune.

I know you want a card 😉

From the OSHO Zen Tarot deck: SUCCESS. The 6 of Fire. Enjoy yourself but don’t get too attached. Good mood, bad mood, so-so mood, good day, bad day, so-so day. Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your success, no matter how small, medium, or big, enjoy enjoy enjoy. Ride the tiger.

Got weekend plans? 

Love, MP


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