The Stars This Weekend : Mutable Mess But I Like It

"venus conjunct jupiter" So. About this weekend.

Really it’s this extended Virgo-Capricorn TRINE which is GOOD. Grounded, earthy, get it done well and easily energy. But lucky. Lucky breaks for some. Taurus with degrees around 12/13/14 fill out the trine and get a Grand Trine. My Saturn in Taurus is a little bit too high for this configuration but…

About the weekend: so much going on so I keep writing about it.

Sun entering Scorpio on Friday:

From Libra to Scorpio: from objective and rational and fair and beautiful and charming to… completely irrational obsessive magic and power 🙂

(I love my Libras but my mother was a Scorpio so… it’s in the blood.)

Mars Chiron opposition (which is so very medical). And, again, Virgo trine Capricorn. Venus Jupiter trine Pluto and then throw in the Pisces Moon which will sextile (a good aspect) Pluto but oppose (fight with) the Virgo planets (and you know how Pisces fights — tears, victim-ing).

The Pisces Moon will also square Saturn in Sagittarius and square the Gemini folks reading this.

It’s a good weekend to CLEAN HOUSE. It’s a mutable mess! CLEAN HOUSE. It’s a good weekend to talk to the dead. Scorpio Season begins. It’s a good weekend to Mars Chiron. What is Mars Chiron?

I have a Mars Chiron interchange — my Chiron is in Aries. Chiron in Aries people, Mars Chiron people, they RUN after healing, they bravely fiercely chase it. Nothing can stop them. Yes we can get obsessive, we can get borderline about our mission to get well but that’s the nature of the brave soldier healer beast. And if you’re lucky, if you are near us, loved by us, we will bring you along, we will heal you too. WE CANNOT HELP IT. Chiron in Aries people cannot help but heal others. I’d also like to add that Chiron in the 8th House also cannot help but heal others. It just happens. See? You don’t need to GIVE as much as you do. It happens automatically.

And Venus Jupiter is love – no matter the sign. It’s love.

Got weekend plans? 🙂


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