The Stars This Weekend: Moonshadow

Feels more like a soul-searching solitary weekend to me than a knocking boots weekend.

Moon in Scorpio.

Yesterday I pulled the Death card and then the Hermit for us. You should not, you cannot, avoid the changes. Get closer to them.

Scorpio of course is associated with sex and reproduction (among other tasty words) but the Moon in Scorpio is also up to more than… body parts interlocking. At least in my experience. Scorpio is a fierce and profound energy, even in the short term.

Sometimes I write about the phone calls I have with my old Scorpio buddy. Sun Venus Neptune Jupiter in Scorpio. Those calls tend to change my life. He puts his Pluto on me, from across the miles, and you can imagine what this does to my mothering Cancer stellium! Whatever you need my friend! Anything you need! I’m here for youuuuuuuuuuuuu. We usually speak when he’s in crisis which is fairly often these days.

Even though the Scorpio Moon makes a number of good aspects this weekend, it also confronts Saturn head-on and… Moon in Scorpio is not Moon in Gemini, you know? It’s not scattering and it’s not afraid to look the monster in the eye. It IS the monster in the eye.

Happy Weekend, folks. Little Poem for Saturday coming up later today. Much later. It’s 5:28 a.m. as I type this… 🙂


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