The Stars This Weekend: Moon In Scorpio!

The Moon is void of course in Libra Friday morning and enters Scorpio in the early afternoon (Big City time).

While the Moon is sleeping though, we are under a Sun Pluto sextile.

Sun Pluto is a power aspect. It may drive you to… make plans, make demands, feel you are right, at ease in your power, but I caution you. Not only because of the v/c Moon in the sign of “other people” but also because Mercury is retrograde.

Sextiles are “good” aspects yes, but you may desire to move on something without having all the information or completely understanding who you’re dealing with.

Later on Friday: Sun trine Saturn and by the time this is exact, the Moon is awake and refreshed but in secretive Scorpio, trining (everything flowing and feels wonderful) Neptune and Venus —  but also making inconjuncts to Uranus and Jupiter.

I think what’s happening here is that you just aren’t sure. You have moments of grace and YES! which then gets replaced by doubt and second-guessing. Scorpio Moon wants to feel safe but Uranus and Jupiter have other plans.


Saturday is more Moon in Scorpio. She trines Pisces, sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, and conjoins Saturn in the early morning. A stable, serious day good for projects that require your deep focused attention.


Sunday is a long(ish) void of course Moon. She trines Mars in Pisces in the wee hours and it’s not until late afternoon (4:11 pm in the Big City) that she enters Sagittarius and thus starts to square everything that the Moon in Scorpio was trining. It can feel like a bit of a drop and with the v/c we’re not sure where we’ve landed.

Best day for getting stuff done is Saturday and Friday isn’t so bad just… a bit all over the place emotionally. You may need to use your precious resources just to feel grounded. As for Sunday? Do you best 🙂

I’ve got more to say actually, wanted to draw some cards but I realize I am running late! Will fill in the blanks later…


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