The Stars This Weekend: Moon In Aries!

"moon in aries"

It’s the end of the day in the Big City and I wanted to post one more time before closing up shop.

This weekend I’m going to a magic show. A friend of mine, a playwright, is also a magician and he’ll be doing tricks in between the short plays. I’m looking forward to it. Never seen him perform before and it feels like a very Pisces sky thing to do: magic, sleight of hand, the world of illusion, imagination, mystery.

Now the Moon will move into Aries on Thursday night and my friend has an Aries Moon too. The Mercury Mars opposition will be exact in the morning: Pisces to Virgo. Mutable. Which way will the energy go. Will you talk talk talk? Or will you do do do? Maybe you will speak in tongues which seems very Mercury in Pisces, don’t you think? Speak poetically. Speak, well, magically 🙂 Mercury is how you think. Mars is your energy. And an opposition? Battle or balance.

And once the Moon is in Aries, you know she will conjunct Uranus and she’ll square Pluto and don’t we know what this energy is about already? An emotional highwire act. Fast, intense, car crashy aspect. Or maybe just a clangy rumble underneath your surface. With Aries though, it can end as soon as it starts.

On Saturday, the Sun sextiles Jupiter, a feel good aspect, optimism and the Moon conjuncts Venus. A softer day but a mix of energy: sweet Pisces with sweet Taurus Jupiter plus the Aries conjunction. Feels like, well, a love affair, that first good feeling and excitement, the rush of hormonal thrill.

Sunday is a little darker as the Moon opposes Saturn (ugh) but when she enters Taurus we get a sextile to Neptune and a conjunction to Jupiter. The Moon moves fast so don’t hold on to what she says or what she does.

Are you working for the weekend? Or can you relax? 


Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Virgo Virgo Virgo! and I’m adding in Tarot these days too (for those who desire it). 

And for info about my usual, longer readings, look here!

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