The Stars This Weekend: Mercury Trine Uranus

"mercury trine uranus"The raw material of this blog post comes to you from the private message board (a.k.a. MoonPlutoLand) thus very informal; please make yourself at home πŸ™‚


Ooooh tomorrow: Mercury trine Uranus! This is cool because Mercury is your thinking/mind (and in expansive I’m on fire Sagittarius) and Uranus the “higher octave” of Mercury i.e. double-mind i.e. double insight i.e. high as a kite i.e. solutions to problems are likely. Equations. Answers. Now you now what to do. FINALLY. A soprano hitting a high note, the fear-glass shattered at last.Β 

Approach this transit with intention (it’s applying now) similar to New Moon: deciphering riddles, no effort required. Thunderbolts just show up. Welcome them. Applause.

Venus enters “catch me if you can” Sagittarius on Saturday, squaring Neptune Saturday/Sunday, as we continue to move from stormy Scorpy to Holiday Season Saggy. You like?

Venus square Neptune = ignoring facts and YOU KNOW BETTER. Waking from the dream is not an option so wait ’til Monday to seal deal.


Gonna pull one card for y’all for the weekend: WHEEL OF FORTUNE: on the one hand it’s fate. On the other hand your guess is as good as mine. On the third hand, IT IS FATE. On the fourth hand. I know you can’t imagine it now, but stranger things have happened. TO YOU.




New Year 2013 Tarot Special:Β the year ahead for you in: LOVE, WORK and ?????

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