The Stars This Weekend: LIBRA

"moon square pluto" It’s a Libra Weekend. Libra all over again. Think about it. SCORPIO SEASON now but Venus (retrograde all summer in Leo) has lagged behind and finally enters Libra on Sunday.

Mars enters Libra, Thursday the 12th. New Moon in Scorpio the day before.

A wise man once said to me:

Libra SHOWS YOU how to do it. They show you what they want.

Moon enters Libra tomorrow morning.

This weekend your VENUS ISSUES come to the fore  — love, money, relationship, social life, what you value, what you’ve been missing, fashion, beauty, art. She’s a little stressed though. The Libra Moon will square Pluto (graveyard frolicker) and oppose Uranus (freelance wild man).

Does what you DO match what you value? Libra in hard aspect to Pluto and Uranus says that you aren’t quite sure, in a charmingly volatile way.

"venus in libra" Gonna draw a weekend card:

Perfect. It’s the Two of Cups, the truce card. Libra wins BUT it’s that “peace at any price” thing.

Your thoughts? 

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