The Stars This Weekend, June 14th – 16th

It was the summer of her 42nd year. She was about to turn 43. Right there at the edge of it. And life got interesting. Very interesting. It had been that long since it was interesting except for a week in the spring (you know which week that was, faithful readers!).

Are you feeling this too? This turning? This is a Grand Trine in Water summer, Jupiter entering Cancer summer, Saturn going direct summer, but also a retrograde summer and you can take that either way: a backtrack or fate finally catching up to you. Maybe a little of both.

Friday, June 14th: Venus in Cancer trine Chiron in Pisces. A little love goes a long way. Moon in Leo sextile Jupiter: your friends are happy to see you πŸ™‚ Relatively short void of course moon and then the Moon enters meticulous Virgo. Moon sextile Saturn and then Moon opposing Neptune. Oh how the Moon in Virgo hates to be fooled and what I’m picturing is you having a lovely night at the pub with your friends… and the phrase “beer goggles” is coming to mind.

Saturday, June 15th: all major exact aspects are Moon in Virgo aspects: details, order, perfection, THE CLEANSE. Scrub scrub scrub my friends. Service. Spirituality. Self-improvement. Keep hands and mind BUSY. Mars is inconjunct Pluto which is another way of saying… it will take some effort to stay focused. The cure for your particular hangover is cleaning house. And possibly trimming body hair.

Sunday, June 16th: Chiron in Pisces goes retrograde (just like Neptune did days ago). The Moon aspects are edgier and the Moon enters Libra to end the weekend on a more cooperative note.

Friday is best for love (within reason!). Saturday is best for work. Sunday is best for watching the wheels.

One more thought about Chiron retrograde: I am calling this the “you missed a spot” transit. Could be a health matter, a money matter, a problem you thought you solved but there was fine print below the fine print below the fine print. Ew.

But lucky for us, we have not quit, we go higher and higher, and everything that rises must converge πŸ™‚

Love, MP


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