The Stars This Weekend: I May Stay In

Moon in Pisces opposes Venus in Virgo on Friday. What you need (Moon) vs. what you love (Venus). This is a topic we’re bouncing around in the Venus Mars class.

A few folks in there have the square. I don’t have this aspect in my chart and for a moment found it hard to imagine being at odds in this way.

But here’s a WHAT IF: what if you felt you had to choose between the two i.e. your Moon is drawn to one kind of man or woman and your Venus is drawn to a totally different kind of man or woman and… then what? Who wins?

Saturday is deeply unpleasant and it’s possible that some of you sensitive folks are already feeling this (especially those of you with planets in Cardinal signs between 5 and 10 degrees or so). Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Fights at home or about home are likely. A good day to hide the knives. Making this worse is the Moon in Aries. This may be a good day to hide overall, not just the cutlery. Sun squares Saturn as well. HARSH!

Saving grace is Sunday when Venus in Virgo sextiles Jupiter in Cancer THANK GOD we need some relief after Friday and Saturday’s stars. When Venus is sextile (or trine) Jupiter, you get what you want. So please know what you want. As Edgar Cayce said, “Thoughts are things.”

Love, MP

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