The Stars This Weekend: Huh? (And Saturn Goes Direct)

"saturn in scorpio goes direct" I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages. That’s how big the transition of moving is, and lack of sleep. But apparently I DID blog on Monday, about Jupiter in Leo. Link is here in case you missed it!

IΒ think it may be normal to go a little crazy at such times, or, at least, it should be πŸ™‚

But let’s talk WEEKEND (and almost weekend):

Thursday the 17th is a Moon in Aries day and ooooh we have a Moon Jupiter trine to look forward to. You did know that Jupiter entered Leo this morning, right? I can hardly believe it myself. It feels, well, BIG to me. Have you plotted the aspects it will make in your chart?

Moon will also square Mercury and Pluto: cross words, hot tempers, rash emotions. The trine to Jupiter will feel good to the ones doing the dramatic emoting but less pleasant for those on the receiving end. Grandstand at your own risk!

Friday is a big day sky-wise and we are feeling some of this already:
the Aries Moon makes more unpleasant aspects, and the Sun in Cancer squares Mars. Pretty cranky right? Cranky angry. And/or a most excellent energy for getting shit done.

But then we also have a Mercury Neptune trine and Venus entering Cancer. WTF, my friends! Sweet Mercury Neptune AND an irritable Aries Moon on the same day? It doesn’t make sense. But such is life. Incomprehensible sometimes. We do have a theme though: a lot of CARDINAL can-do, will-do, TAKE CHARGE-ness in the air. SO TAKE CHARGE MOTHERF***ERS!

Saturday brings us Taurus Moon to calm things down and then on Sunday, Saturn in Scorpio goes direct. (And Uranus goes retrograde the following day!!!!!)

It’s just life — that’s what I think to myself. It’s just life. These bizarre upheavals, unhappy crystallizations, peaceful moments, spontaneous healing.

Uranus has brought sudden changes to my life and possibly yours as well, especially if you are a 16-degree guy or gal of the Cardinal signs. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS RETROGRADE. I think that’s why retrogrades were invented πŸ˜‰ So we can catch our breath.

About Saturn going direct: absolutely, projects that were put on hold will now feel less stuck to you and you will more forward this summer. Saturn in Scorpio retrograde, to me, feels like drowning. Hell, Saturn in Scorpio direct feels like drowning. But at least with direct motion, there’s a light.

That’s all for now, folks! Back to unpacking πŸ™‚


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