The Stars This Weekend: How Many Slices??

I catch a glimpse of my happiness like a reflection in a store window. Feelings are ours alone. I mean, let’s say there’s a girl and she’s in love with a girl (or a guy) – could be a client of mine, could be a friend. And she FEELS everything SOOO deeply. Well, those feelings are HERS and hers alone. He (or she) may have inspired it but she’s alone in it. The object of her love has his/her own Venus.

How do YOU feel love? What’s your experience of it? 

Also the idea that love is… different than happiness. Lord knows you can love and hurt at the same time!

I realize I’ve been ignoring Venus’s transit through wild Sagittarius. I didn’t mean to, but Scorpio Season’s got me on lockdown.

So for those with an eye on Venus these days, she will inconjunct Jupiter this weekend and the sensitive among us are feeling it already. Sagittarius wants to roam, horizon-eyed, and Cancer is a homebody, fragile-feeling. Venus and Jupiter though, in any combination, is usually pretty sweet. It’s often a matter of… two slices of cake, or three?

Now I could write a book on Cancer Sagittarius compatibility, and the inconjunct itself, I believe, is charismatic. We can’t look away. We don’t want to look away. What will that CRRRRAAAAZZZZYYYY Sag do next! What emotional High C will that Cancer hit, and did she *really* throw an electric fan at him on her wedding day?

What I’m feeling about this weekend: you want quality time with your honey (or whatever/whoever makes you feel secure) but you’re stuck on the road or in the kitchen. You just can’t make it all FIT. But that’s okay. By the time the Moon hits LEO, you’ll be smiling again 🙂

Love, MP


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