The Stars This Weekend: Hide The Knives!

Moon is in Virgo all day and not ALL Virgos (Sun or Moon) are health obsessed (i.e. health nuts) but I would say that they know their own bodies as well (if not better) than the doctors and healers diagnosing them thus… if you have a Virgo client, TRUST their perceptions. They have done their research. They have scoured every resource for treatment. They are proof-oriented. THEY ARE EARTH REAL WORLD PEOPLES.

Virgo gets nervous I know. Virgo gets very nervous, worried, tied up in worst-case-scenario knots AND YET how you help them is to listen to what they are saying and help them separate the truth from the fear. That is Virgo’s gift: DISCERNMENT. But not every Virgo has their god-given essence down pat. I know this sounds strange, but it’s true.

What is your experience with Virgo? 

Virgo is hard working thus today is a day not for napping but for detail-oriented work. Your mind today is sharp, taking things apart. Do it kindly 🙂 Be a healer not a destroyer.


And speaking of healing, yesterday I found a healer. A physical therapist is who is going to help me with a problem that I’ve been fretting over and suffering with for more than a year. An hour or so after our appointment (she did some in depth work on me) I was talking to my boyfriend and suddenly felt new transparent clarity in a certain chakra (the chakra she was working on -although she didn’t use that word). Someone had wiped off the windows. FINALLY. Released tension. I can feel freedom coming.

Moon in Virgo is a perfect time to focus on your health, your body, your animal friends, fix-it projects around the house or at work. Maintaining what’s already happening but with a side of self-improvement.


Tomorrow, Mars enters Cancer which is thought to be a “bad” placement for Mars and I’m not going to go into the astro lore of that but instead come to Mars in Cancer’s defense 🙂 even though Mars in Cancer may have a hard time defending herself, she will defend others — the small, the meek, the weak, the underdog and undercat!

To me, Mars in Cancer is the superhero placement. Yes yes yes I know Mars in Cancer moves sideways or indirectly and then blows his/her top BUT Mars in Cancer is a fierce Mama Lion (or crab) who yes yes yes cries when she’s angry or scared but still kicks your ass if need be. And then feels guilty. She will take prisoners… and then feed them chicken soup.


Sunday the Moon is in Libra, crashing into Mars and Jupiter and Pluto and Uranus thus a GRAND CROSS. Tension in your relationships. If you need a break, force yourself to take it. People living in close quarters, hide the knives!

Libra is concerned with relationships and getting along and gets accused of being shallow, keeping life on a surface level so that things don’t get too hairy. Now, being a peace-keeper does not automatically mean absence of depth HOWEVER Libras are under stress on Sunday. Cancer gets weepy. Pluto gets controlling. And Uranus is off the rails. What to do? Libra icing will NOT be good enough. Libras you are being compelled by the Universe to go deeper and show the world how tough and real you really are, how VENUS MATTERS and that getting along is underrated. Without Venus, we’d all be dead. Also, and I’m not joking here, stand up for your right to look good this weekend. No matter what, do your hair, your make-up, and for the love of god choose the shirt without holes in it. People are looking and you will need to look good.

Got weekend plans? 

Love, MP


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