The Stars This Weekend: Grace

Who are your spiritual teachers? Who brings you the truth?


Friday, January 3rd –

Moon in original-thinking Aquarius. Ideas, insights, connecting the dots. Making plans.

Mercury and Jupiter are opposed and these are happy words. It’s a happy day. Are you feeling this?

I know we’ll get a Moon Saturn square today but don’t let that downsize you.

In the Big City, this aspect perfects after dark so enjoy the sun and snow  It’s a Winter Wonderland right outside my door.

What’s outside yours?


Mystical Weekend alert!

Moon in Pisces all weekend. Moon conjunct Neptune. Moon conjunct Chiron. Various sextiles and trines. As I wrote the other day, this is a breeze, this is JOY, compared to the last few weeks.

Also a Sun Jupiter opposition and — I think you are torn between needing to work and needing to rest/play/nurture self and they must be balanced or you will feel… lazy and hazy:) or… oppressed.

Yes YOU CAN do it all this weekend. Err on the side of what’s been missing the most.


Another card for the weekend (I drew one yesterday as well..)

Three of Cups! Saw this card yesterday too —

Is your cup full? What is it full of? How many cups do you have? Three? What do they symbolize to you?

Perfect card for such a Jupiterian weekend. Abundancy! Bounty! Founcy dresses!

Crowley, in his infinite pessimistic wisdom says about this card: the good things in life, although enjoyed, should be distrusted.

But I’m okay with trusting this card 🙂 and enjoying my weekend. Nothing wrong with a little Neptune — and the Moon will be in Pisces after all. Friendship, support, celebration, girls! Sharing experiences, good company, toasting, grace.

Love, MP


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