The Stars This Weekend: Go Mental

It was feeling like an astrological no man’s land to me so I decided to take a deeper look at the weekend stars.

The most interesting aspects:

Thursday morning, Mercury in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries which means you may be feeling this square now. We are IN ORB, people!

What does it mean? It’s an aspect of impatience (Aries) but you can’t do it all now. Your mind though (Mercury) thinks you can. Your body may too. Mercury in Capricorn thinks before it speaks (if you follow the logic of Saturn being cautious) but a square riles things up. Makes life uneasy. Causes tension and the DESIRE TO TAKE ACTION.

Mercury square Uranus may not be your brain on drugs but it sure will feel like it. Or you could simply find yet another so-called solution to a nagging problem after much brain twisting effort.

On Friday, Mars in Aquarius trines Jupiter and the bright ideas keep coming but on a grander (Jupiter) scale. This aspect to me feels like Mercury square Uranus Part Two. That Mercury square Uranus dug you in deeper and Mars trine Jupiter gets you out.  The trine calms down some of that frenetic Jupiter in Gemini mojo. Lots of air and fire these two days and then on Sunday Mercury cojoins Pluto and sextiles Saturn and we ssssllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwww the fuck down.

Mercury: what you think, how you think, the immediate world around you.

Pluto: what you don’t want to think about, the Underworld inside you, outside you.

Mercury Pluto Saturn: telling it like it is.

Put it all together AND add in the Moon in Libra? And then the Moon in Scorpio on Sunday?  I think it will be an up and down weekend mood-wise. Doesn’t have to be bad but sure as hell won’t be dull. Best, I think, is to go mental i.e. don’t get caught up in Libran pursuits of justice 🙂 or Scorpionic dreams of revenge. Sink into your ideas instead. And plot your course. Draw a mind map. In other words: discover electricity.

And tell us in the comments about your weekend plans 🙂



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