The Stars This Weekend! GEMINI MOON

Folks were writing me, wondering where I was yesterday. No new blog post!

The day got away from me. Actually I started a couple different posts but didn’t publish them. Do y’all STILL want to hear about Venus in the 12th House? I have this aspect. I’m obsessed with this aspect. Neptune problems never cease to amaze and piss me off 🙂

Saturn (doubt, fear) transiting my 3rd House (writing, communication, having fun) has slowed me down. A friend of mine claims that even though I’m writing less, I’m writing better. Not sure if that’s true but in either case: hello and good morning to you 🙂

And speaking of writing, today IS a good day for all manner of writing, speaking, communications, AND having fun. Wait. I take that back. In a few hours. NOT YET. The Moon is void of course now i.e. not making any major aspects to the other planets so consider the first half of today (Friday) to be recovery from yesterday’s crazy eclipse energy. Make no promises on a void of course moon. They won’t come true.

Moon enters GEMINI this afternoon though and then you will crawl out of your Taurus shell (yes Taurus can isolate as well as any crab), feel more social and generally less fraught about… the last few days and whatever’s been on your mind.

Tonight, Moon meets up with Venus. See? It’s getting better already. It’s a good night for a good time. Multi-tasking is favored! Gemini is an air sign, frisky and fun. My Gemini pal Susan is ALWAYS showing me the fun side of whatever so-called problem I bring to her.

Me:  But Bew (we have called each other Bew for 20 years or so) So and so is really really annoying. I can’t take it anymore! It’s driving me craaaaaazy!

Susan:  But notice how… (and then she’ll go on to write me a three page email about how the chaffing hell that is my life is actually SUPER FUN).


One of these days I need to cut and paste one of her emails here. Typical Gemini, she is brilliant with words. Also, in MY experience (not speaking for all astrologers or women or Jewish women or humans or freaks here), Gemini gives great advice which is something people often don’t talk about when they talk about Gemini. They usually, instead, mention how distracted they can get. Chatty. The child of the zodiac. The butterfly of the zodiac, here, there, everywhere. Gemini knows where the party is.

SATURDAY is a mixed bag of aspects due to the Moon still in Gemini but I wouldn’t worry about it. Gemini wouldn’t worry about it. They’d move on to the next thing. Keep busy. Use your hands.

The Moon will make frustrating contacts to Neptune AND Saturn AND Pluto AND Chiron. My advice? Get out of bed. Could get a little frantic and you will need to move your body and your mind to support that energy. Wherever you have Gemini in your chart is where you will be BUSY.

The Sun in resource-hoarding Taurus meets up with Mercury. You have saved for this moment! You won’t let any potential Gemini attention deficit behavior ruin your day (as if it could anyway) because Taurus will unfrazzle some of the frazzle and slow you down and then SUNDAY (I love this) the Moon is conjunct Jupiter.

It’s like… no matter what gets thrown your way, you feel okay. Water off a duck’s back 🙂 Go for a walk. Call your sister. Call your best friend. Write a new blog post. Go out and about and enjoy life! Or stay in and Facebook 24/7.

Quick astrology lesson: what are conjunctions? Conjunctions are fusions of energy. You may notice that my blog posts often talk about the energy or vibration of planets. This relates to how the energy FEELS but also what it creates.

Moon conjunct Venus or Moon conjunct Jupiter is a smooshing together of the heavenly bodies (and their symbolisms). They begin to act as ONE thing. Can’t be separated. More technically speaking, a conjunction is two planets in the same sign (usually) that are close in degree. My Moon and Pluto are conjunct. They are a few degrees apart. My Moon is influenced by Pluto and Pluto is influenced by my Moon. But more than that… the two of them together create something NEW. A new planet, a new energy! MoonPlutoness!

And of course how Gemini feels to my chart will be different than how Gemini feels to your chart but over all, Moon conjunct Venus (a light, social planet) or Moon conjunct Jupiter (good luck, abundance) will feel GOOD in this sign. Lots of good feeling! Lots of social lubrication! Important point: Moon Venus in Scorpio will be different. Moon Jupiter in Capricorn will be different. The SIGN changes the energy. But the conjunction itself is a marriage. ‘Til death do you part.

Make sense?

Conjunctions are THE most powerful, intense aspect because of this fusion. Thus when transiting planets make a PAINFUL contact with a conjunction (or stellium) in your chart it’s like bowling pins. You keep getting knocked down.

Oops didn’t mean to end on a somber note. No need for that. Gemini Moon may not mother you or watch Ingmar Bergman movies with you or tell you the whole truth and nothing but this weekend BUT she will distract you, make you smile, and generally show you what you’ve been missing. And she tends to drive fast.

Got weekend plans?

Love, MP


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