The Stars This Weekend: Eggshells And Zombies

"moon in cancer"You survived the eclipse. Now what?

Eclipses aren’t just dramarama high intensity blog posts written to drive traffic to blog posts πŸ˜‰ Shit actually happens. I have clients who got direct hits to their natals. Remember though that the story hasn’t been told yet. Not the full story. I’m in danger of forgetting this too. We’re not even in Chapter One. Maybe the table of contents. And it’s not all scary bad, but it is change.

This afternoon the Venus Mars sextile is exactΒ which should make for a pleasant enough day although the Moon void-of-course in Gemini could leave you feeling out of focus or unambitious. Don’t worry and don’t make promises that you actually want to keep.

This weekend we have only one exact aspect, not including what the Moon will do, but consider the Sun in Sagittarius opposite Jupiter in Gemini to be your weekend backdrop.

You may feel the desire to expand in all kinds of directions, out of a sense of self-assertion, what’s best for you, and not unhappily. If the Sun is your ego and Jupiter makes things big, you may feel sick of leading such a small life as you have been, serving others instead of yourself. Jupiter in Gemini = options. Roam if you want to.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Moon in Cancer, with Sunday the Moon being void-of-course all day.

Moon in Cancer is a handful, a sensitive defensive Moon. I know the Moon rules Cancer and traditionally the Moon is supposed to work well in Cancer due to this reason but in my experience… Oh never mind πŸ˜‰

Friday: the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune (compassionate, intuitive!), and later on squares Uranus (impulsive!) and trines Saturn (stability!).

And if you’re a smart cookie, you can see what’s happening here. Your moods may shift as the Moon makes these different aspects. I have my Sun in Cancer (and Mercury and Mars) so I am used to a mood a minute. Yes it could feel like that πŸ™‚

Saturday: Moon opposes Pluto (crisis?) and then opposes Mars (do keep calm). By the time the Moon trines Venus, the zombies will no longer be able to eat you and all will be well. Well… except for the zombie corpses in the yard. Ew. Clean that shit up.

Sunday: Moon trines Mercury (cooperation!) and then Sunday night the Sun opposes Jupiter: your big life over there in the distance, waving at you. Did the eclipse give you any clues?


Before I sign off for the moment, here’s a question that’s been on my mind, for the marrieds, the singles, and everyone in between, since we’re talking about the Moon here: what is your primary relationship need?

The Moon rules our needs, what makes us feel safe and secure. The Moon also has to do with our habits and reactions. What do you need most in friendship? In loveship? Have you found yourself having to choose one part of yourself over other parts? Because of your primary need? What do you think it’s based on? Or maybe you have it all?

Your thoughts?



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