The Stars This Weekend: Dreamy Or Frazzled?

So you made it through 🙂 You made it through the holidays.

I posted this on Facebook about today, January 2nd:

I like the day after New Year’s — have you taken a peek yet?

Moon’s in Aquarius and we get a Moon Uranus sextile.

Those suffering from insomnia may not sleep any better but your thoughts are crazy interesting  Radical. You put two and two together and they equal… ???????

Also this day: Mercury in Capricorn harshes Jupiter in Cancer’s buzz so… you may want to keep your brilliant mistakes to yourself. I kinda wonder if you’ll be able to. If you are feeling sensitive, weepy, turn it down a notch. Aquarius Moon doesn’t quite grok your soppy side anyway so…

Another thing – Aquarius is an oddly sexy sign. Sexy the more syncopated they are. Angular and awkward and techno.

A prominent natal Uranus tends to make the person shimmer. You’ve seen this right? Uranus on the MC or AC? Glitter on cheekbones and knees. Something throbbing underneath.

Aquarius for me is my 6th House — I’m not anticipating sexy but maybe a concept of pure reason or two 🙂

I am keeping track of my resolutions. I really only have TWO. *Maybe* three.


Also today: Sun square Mars. AMBITIOUS. Did the job offer come in? Will you go for it? LOVE THIS aspect so early in 2014. Running, keeping up, competing against yourself. Plots and schemes, brain and brawn.

This weekend to me feels easy breezy, compared to the last two weeks. Moon enters dreamy frazzled Pisces early Saturday morning and the Sun opposes Jupiter in Cancer.

Try to meet yourself in the middle. Jupiter likes to laze about on a cloud. In Cancer this is likely a chocolate sprinkled cloud. Sun in Capricorn does the responsible thing so… do both this weekend. Fulfill obligations *and* eat a second helping of baked ziti 🙂 or whatever your playful poison is — otherwise you could be sobbing Jupiter-sized tears about everybody getting to play outside, except you!

A card for the weekend: 

The Hanged Man! It’s never simple is it, around here? 🙂

Sink or swim? NOPE. Hang. Blow. Flow. Float. The water metaphors are here. This card is associated with Hebrew letter MEM. The letter Mem is the first letter of the word mayim — water. You are your own emotional rescue.

We are told the figure, although hanging upside down by his ankle, is fine :).  His hanging silky sleeves are a deep blue. I turn the card upside down for a better look: his nimbus looks thorny and gnarled to me despite its angelic connotation. It’s a bramble. Earthy. Is he stuck? Mired? Or just taking his time?

I think this card is an antidote to the rushing Sun square Mars push-push-push vibration that it’s in the air and the see saw Sun Jupiter “what do I do now” feeling.

Mars IS indeed in Venus-ruled Libra, people. Put on your finery. Put on your vibrant blues and reds and shiny shoes and look good while you wait for word!

That post you are hanging from ain’t going anywhere so make yourself at home (Cancer) in a big (Jupiter) way.

From Rachel Pollack: “Being who you are, even if you think everyone has it backwards.”


Love, MP

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