The Stars This Weekend: Claws and Jaws

My plan was to give you a weekend forecast and then I took a look at Monday and what I’m feeling is… this weekend could go either way for you. You could feel more alive than ever — or just frustrated. Up against it.

On Saturday, we’re energized, antagonized with the Moon in Aries making meaty aspects to our friendly friends in the early degrees of Cancer, Jupiter and the Sun. Stay home and rest? Head out? Roam free? Motorcycle? Sweet spot du jour: the Moon trines Venus in Leo. This is love.

Sunday is punchy grouchy angsty with the Moon in Aries square PlutoΒ and conjunct Uranus but also sextile Mars and square Mercury. Try not to fight with everyone. Exercise instead πŸ™‚

THEN on Monday, Venus in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio and the Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto.

On Monday, those aspects are exact, but over the weekend they are already affecting us.

Venus square Saturn: you could feel rejected, dejected, ugly. Every “I love you” takes effort to hear or say no matter how strongly you feel it. And Sun opposing Pluto… reminds me of a feral kitten under the bed and you reach your hand out to feed her with your Cancer Sun, your Cancer mother hand, and she returns your caretaking with Pluto, with suspicion.

My advice? Let’s ask the cards πŸ™‚

The King of Cups: be honest, be good. This card is perfect for Cancer Season – this King (like all the Kings) is a protector (like Mother Cancer) and full of good power. Another King of Cups keyword: DEVOTION.

So my advice here is… don’t fall into the claws and jaws of the moment. Think Big Picture (Jupiter). Know that Jupiter in Cancer is the best possible transit that could happen to you right now and how I know this is because Jupiter does his best visionquesting in the sign of YOUR SOUL. From Isabel Hickey: “Your Fourth House is your base of operations: in the outer world, your home. In the inner world, your soul.”

Your thoughts?Β 

Love, MP


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