The Stars This Weekend: Aquarius!

Mercury enters Aquarius in the wee hours Saturday morning, and the Sun enters Aquarius in the late afternoon, Big City time. The future is now.

Although we still have Venus and Pluto in the sign, this year’s Capricorn domination has come to an end. Relieved? Goodbye, Capricorn, Goodbye.

Capricorn Season is always a mixed bag for me. I get trines to my Virgo planets and Saturn in Taurus, but Capricorn opposes my Cancer Stellium. It’s harsh, hard, and I do wind up feeling, well, opposed. Feelings and energy are stirred up wherever the transiting planets are marching.

I believe you will feel better, smarter 🙂 as we move from heavy earth to light as a feather, air, unless you are one of those folks who sink when the Moon is in Taurus, which is where it will be all weekend.

Taurus is such a… comfort-oriented sign that it could be hard to motivate. Truth is I am feeling a little slow-moving myself even though I spent much of the afternoon cleaning up this mess 🙂 Mars (energy) is transiting my 6th House which rules “daily routines” and all kinds of fixing and organizing. Details.

Saturday morning the Moon sextiles Chiron. In the afternoon, the Moon trines Pluto. In the evening the Moon opposes Saturn and a little after midnight, we get a trine to Venus in Capricorn.

Sunday afternoon, the Moon squares Mars in Aquarius.

Mostly good aspects. A couple crunchy ones.

What I like most about this weekend is the lack of drama and the abundance of depth. Saturday brings us Chiron, Pluto, Saturn, Venus all in contact with the Moon, your emotions.

My advice: stick close to home or to what you enjoy doing. Seek pleasure, routine, good books. It’s probably not the weekend to jump out of an airplane, but if you are… I think you’ll land just fine.

One card for Aquarius Season: 6 of Pentacles. You have made Saturn smile, working so hard while the Sun was in Capricorn and now comes the result: whether you give or you receive, you have plenty. Enjoy, says the Taurus Moon 🙂


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