The Stars This Week: You May Graze

Venus enters Taurus April 15th.

The Sun enters Taurus April 19th.

We can slow down now. Well, we will slow down. Mars enters Taurus April 20th.

What did you dream during Pisces Season? What did you begin (or continue) during Aries Season. Are you ready to stop? Just a little? I was telling someone today “take a breath, not a break.” Taurus Season.

Do you track the transits like I do? For me, the transiting planets are moving up up up my chart, more outer than inner, more public.

See, this week is the transition. We still have Aries pulling on us, pushing us. Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries the same day Mars enters Taurus. But we have completed our Pisces seas voyage and our Aries throb and gore and we come to the expanse, open-fielded.

When I think of Taurus I think of patience. And I think of what it takes to get the bull to change and that the bull can change, can move, if she wants to, when she decides to. Don’t get stuck.

If Pisces was the potential and Aries was the effort then Taurus is the… yes, you may rest now. You may graze. Tall grass time 🙂

As always, I remind you to check your chart, notice where the planets are headed, the areas of life covered by that house.

What do you see? 

Love, MP


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