The Stars This Week: Wear The Good Bra

You are stronger BECAUSE of it. "pluto opposition sun"This is how I feel right now and you may not feel the same and that’s your right.

ALSO, you may be dog paddling now. You may not be at the shore, the other side.
But this is my PLUTO message, my Sunday Sermon 🙂

Pluto is an ending but also a beginning. ALWAYS. Death and Rebirth. DO NOT FORGET.
So easy to talk about everything that gets destroyed en route. Sometimes we forget what cannot be killed. I thought some things in my life were over and done. They are not over and done. Some things cannot be killed. 

Which reminds me — an astrologer once described my (the) Moon Pluto conjunction as being “hard to kill.” (And then I wrote a short play about bedbugs with that title).

Consider me your Oracle of the Day, your Moon Pluto message of the day, your catch of the day 😉 here to remind you of what is true and enduring. There are ghosts in your house where Pluto is transiting your chart. There are ghosts in that house. You keep coming up for air. And so do they. What is needed in order to cross over and stop the sick making cycles in your life: total break through. Tower card. SMASH EVERY FOUNDATION BECAUSE NEW ONES MUST BE ESTABLISHED. Revealed. That’s the better word here: revealed.

But, yes, I hear you. We are all in different phases. All in good time, little lamb. Your smash-through may be 10 years away. Or 10 seconds.

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Monday: Mercury enters Libra
Wednesday: Sun trine Pluto
Friday: Venus enters Virgo and Jupiter inconjunct Pluto

We are under these energies ALL THIS WEEK.

I’m not going to go aspect by aspect because that’s not where my head is at right now — instead I want to give you some simple counseling — seeing as how we are in Virgo/Libra Season with a side of Pluto Power. And I’m also well aware that the last two weeks (August overall? July and August?) were hell for many of you and the New Moon in Virgo started a healing process. Getting new skin. 

See, I don’t think anyone underestimated the Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio or Venus square Mars Saturn, and yet we did. We shouldn’t have. We knew better. And I’m not even going to talk about my own transits, including my Saturn opposition… and yet the difficulties gave me the OPPORTUNITY to dredge up and thus release what had been hidden. Classic Pluto tool, right? What needed to be vomited. If it had not come out, it would have festered and destroyed. I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT YES YOU.

Your job now? To play nice. This week. Clean up. This week. Sweep the walk. Talk nice. Wax the floor. Look good. Wear the good bra 🙂

Love, MP

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