The Stars This Week! Venus, Mars, Uranus Oh My!

"mars opposition uranus" First things first:

Venus entered nimble Gemini this morning. Fine with me. The broker who showed me a few apartments today was a sweet-smiling Gemini whose skirt kept shrinking up up up. Men like you Gemini ladies, I said. She smiled. And told me about her husband, also a Gemini! Told me about her fights with him about housework. From Brooklyn to the Bronx and back again, it’s the same all over.

Best part of my day was when the Moon in Taurus was done opposing bitchy Saturn in Scorpio and then sextiled Jupiter in Cancer. Are we void of course yet? Not yet on the East Coast so we shall keep working.

Tuesday the Gemini Moon shall conjoin Venus and square Neptune. Remember we are still in Mercury Retrograde. I would not sign a contract — this day in particular — not with those Neptune squares. (They say this for all of Mercury retrograde but even more so when there is a Neptune square!)

Wednesday is the exact Mars Uranus opposition and the Gemini Moon/mood has good and bad aspects. I think this would be a great day for apartment hunting actually. Or kung fu. Do anything but fight with your neighbor! Lots of energy available and I’ll be having Mars squaring my Sun (and Mercury and Mars) again. BRING IT. (Actually, no, please don’t bring it. We have enough.)

The rest of the week doesn’t bother me too too much although the Moon Mercury (rx) conjunction on Thursday… well, let me put it this way: you think you’re making sense. But everybody knows you’re speaking in tongues. So why not invent a new language anyway. Be creative with the soup. Or better yet (if you are safe in the kitchen) enjoy the last days of Jupiter in Cancer by making some soup, hot or cold. With Mars and Uranus still opposing (but separating), I see confusion and tension. Tension made worse by the confusion.

Got questions about the week? Ask them in the comments or on my Facebook. We’ll discuss the weekend as it gets closer. The broker was so cute — she even asked me: so what’s coming up for Gemini! I told her about Venus having entered her sign. Good for love and money or at the very least, a little more light, a little more love.

And the rest of us can just suck it.

Just kidding.

Love, MP

P.S. Reasons to love Venus in Gemini this season: Venus sextile Uranus on July 6th. Venus trine Mars on the 13th.

SOMETHING ELSE TO KEEP IN MIND, PEOPLE. JUPITER ENTERS LEO July 16th. Saturn goes direct on July 20th. It’s going to be a Very Interesting Summer…
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