The Stars This Week: Venus And Mars Make A Baby

"new moon in leo"Intense energy this week. It’s building now. It will climax mid-week.

And then Friday’s New Moon in Leo, and the weekend aspects, will renew you.

Let me break it down a little:

Venus the planet of harmony, sociability, love, art, and money will be making tense aspects this week and sometimes I think Venus and I think eh, no big deal.

But Venus is a planet we take personally. She affects not only our relationships with others but how we feel about ourselves.

Venus will be dancing with both Pluto (power struggle, transformation) and Uranus (the unexpected) and anything in your chart around those degrees. Look for your natal planets, especially in the cardinal signs, between 6 and 10 degrees. Your sensitivity to orbs may vary 🙂

Also, how Venus is aspected in your chart natally will give you some clues about how it will affect you when it transits.

My Venus only aspects outer planets. Two tense aspects. One happy aspect. So I expect to go through it all: confusion, being too hard on myself, and then joy when I tune in to my natal Venus Jupiter sextile.

What aspects does your natal Venus make? 

So this is what we have going on:

Venus is in Cancer, moving forward in Cancer, and on Wednesday she’ll oppose Pluto in Capricorn. This is very Mother vs. Father energy. Nurturing vs. discipline and how you need BOTH in your life. If all you do is soothe without limits, you wind up drunk in a ditch 😉 Or face down in whatever your poison is, whatever your addiction is. Addiction to money, to depression, to video games, to feeling like a victim, to sugar, to running away, and so on…

The next day (the 16th, Eastern time) brings the exact Venus Uranus square. Possible reversals of love or money. Sudden shocking insights.

Now if any of these major players are WELL aspected in your natal, the reversal could be GOOD. I am resisting pinpointing the dates here actually because I feel this energy is active all week but with pockets of sustained intensity.

Around this time as well Mars (your energy) is conjunct Saturn (your fear). I am seeing this as a breakthrough aspect because Mars is the faster moving planet here and he is saying to Saturn: MOVE IT. Move it or lose it 🙂 Lose what? Whatever it is that you’ve been afraid to touch. It could be your freedom. It could be your commitment. And it’s in Libra. It’s about other people and what you want from them and what you think you can’t get and how you manipulate your way around situations, making nice, until you BLOW.

Even if Saturn through Libra has been liberating for you, liberating in terms of separating you from illusion i.e. a Reality Check, Saturn in Libra has also been clogging your social life, your love life, maybe even your money life. Remember that Venus rules Libra so Saturn in Libra has been a Venus transit, a Venus Saturn transit for all of us. It’s been harsh at times but ultimately freeing. I believe that.

These issues will resolve and turn (showing us new perspectives) in many ways once Saturn is in Scorpio but for now think of this Mars Saturn conjunction as one of the last pokes. It could be a last goodbye.

On New Moon day, the Sun sextiles Saturn (help from others) and then on Saturday Mercury trines Uranus (brilliant ideas). Do you feel/see the progression here? It reminds me of the Tarot cards I pulled this morning: from tension to release to relief and new life. There is always the chance for new life.

The end of summer of course is the transition from Leo to Virgo. From vacation to back to school, back to work. Virgo doesn’t begin until the following week but keep it in mind. All your struggles from the summer should begin to… resolve a little, or at least show a different side to the “problem,” including solutions,  especially as Mercury keeps moving forward.


Love, MP

P.S. If you want to talk about this stuff on a deeper and more personal level, you can always join MoonPluto Land, the private discussion group that begins next week. There is a fee. Keeping it small. Under 20 people probably so individual attention is guaranteed. Email me for details. No obligation to talk though. Lurkers are welcome.

Also the Mini-Moons are back for the New Moon in Leo! Mini-Readings!