The Stars This Week: Thanksgiving!

I am predicting a harmonious week for many of you. Are you happy the Sun is in Sagittarius?


Moon’s in Virgo and you know what that’s good for! DOING! Working! Analyzing! Critiquing your loved ones! Tinkering with your Thanksgiving menu πŸ™‚

Virgo loves the little things in life: post-its and Advil and pet food and q-tips and a clean counter πŸ™‚

Problem is Mercury in Scorpio is conjunct Saturn this day as well — which could explain the pockets of somber you felt this weekend. Try not to be too hard on yourself tomorrow.

Tuesday and the Moon continues her brisk walk through Virgo and a slew of aspects including sextiles and trines (so keep on moving, step by step, gingerly now, it all falls into place) and then on Wednesday we have two lovely Mercury aspects, a sextile to Venus and a trine to Jupiter.Β 

So far so good? It’s a good day to be born πŸ™‚ Mercury and Venus together is a salesman (or saleswoman): sweet talk and charm and in SCORPIO? With Venus in Capricorn? Jeez. THE best salesman (or woman) EVER. Sees through your defenses. You cannot protest. You buy whatever they’re selling. Jupiter inflates what it touches so… be careful what you buy this day. It may not be “all that.”

Thursday brings us a Venus Jupiter opposition and I have these two in sextile: generous bordering on extravagant at times but it feels good. It feels REALLY good. To buy. To spend. To love. To eat! PERFECT for Thanksgiving (dear American friends!)

Now, oppositions tend to bring OTHER PEOPLE into our lives. You may attract a Venus. You may attract a Jupiter. Maybe a bit of both. Flirtation! Those celebrating the holiday will eat and eat well, more so than other years! Those who would prefer NOT to overspend (Venus in Capricorn!) may not be able to resist the lure of Jupiter in Cancer’s largesse.

Also, I LOVE the Moon in Libra this day (and Friday as well): pleasant, kind, community, social life, good times, good graces.

Amen πŸ™‚

Love, MP


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