The Stars This Week: Taurus Season!

"new moon in taurus"

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When good things happen, we scrutinize the chart. When “bad” things happen, we scrutinize the chart. Scrub, cleanse, analyze the chart. When nothing happens, when we feel stuck, confused = same thing. Right now I am resisting the urge to look 😉


Wow if I am reading this read, we have a LONG Void of Course Moon ahead. The Moon is Void of Course when it stops making major aspects to other transiting bodies. At 10:34 this morning, the Moon in Pisces will sextile Jupiter and then go VoC until 11:59 Wednesday morning when she enters Aries.

I have an astrologer friend who won’t even talk about stuff he wants or is planning/hoping during a Void of Course Moon. He takes them VERY seriously.  For example, if he’s waiting to hear about an opportunity and a phone call is coming with the news, he won’t take the call until the Moon enters the next sign.

My advice for the day is to take it easy. That’s the other wisdom. Don’t work or don’t work too hard. I have read (can’t remember where)  that it’s supposed to be a good time for psychic readings. Although hmmm I recently did do a reading on a Void of Course Moon and my friend chastized me for it AND it turns out the stuff I told the querent… didn’t really hit the mark for her.  Not that it wasn’t true, but there was a disconnect.

Glad I’ll be doing my readings this morning before the Moon goes void 🙂


The Stars This Week: The Sun enters Taurus on Thursday. New Moon in Taurus on Saturday.

Mercury entered Aries yesterday evening. The Moon is at 15 Pisces now, past squaring Venus in Gemini (direct). Moon square Venus isn’t bad but it does pit the sensual urge against the mothery urge. Food or fuck?

(I know Mars is associated with sex but I find that the Venus in the chart has a lot more to do with it than we usually give her credit.)

Mars is direct in Virgo, one degree past his opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Is the fog clearing? Still need a life preserver? I am swimming a bit better 🙂 Doing the dog paddle.

Friday brings us Moon opposition Saturn. Consider this part two of the story that began last week with Sun opposition Saturn. The feelings show up now. You were too busy to notice them before. Take cover from the fall out. Take a nap too.


A Taurus story: I have Sagittarius on my 4th House cusp thus my 4th House (the house associated with the sign of Cancer) is Jupiter ruled. My room/home/city where I live can feel like a prison to me at times (Jupiter wants break out!) and yet I’m a Cancer Sun, Mercury, Mars, a homebody.

Last night I went for a long walk, took my phone of course and had a long fun phone call with an old friend. We hadn’t been in touch for a while. Her love life is perking up – her on again/off again is on again. She’s a Gemini with a heart ‘o Cancer gold 🙂

I came home, did what I needed to do, and when it was time for bed I went to bed and once again was up at 2am and unable to fall back asleep. Sometimes when I’m hungry, when I didn’t eat enough during the day, I can’t sleep, so I tried that. I also took a homeopathic remedy. And I cursed the world and whatever was happening in my life that was causing this sleep problem.

And then. And then. I made my bed bigger. Jupiter ruling my 4th. Listen, I have a futon which folds up. Yes the old fashioned kind, from your college days, and a few months ago I rearranged my room and have been sleeping with it folded up for a while.

Well, last night was warm and I had the a/c on and it was making me sneeze like mad and suddenly I decided to open up the bed which would put me farther away from the a/c and hopefully stop the sneezing and help me sleep.

It worked. Probably the combination worked but making the bed (Cancer/4th House) bigger (Jupiter) was the best!

Jupiter is in Taurus, direct motion, making big the Taurus part(s) of your chart. Please revisit your chart and remind yourself that where Jupiter is… is where you are EXPANDING, your vision is expanding, your perspective, also your belief (but in what?).  Hopefully your confidence. Your worldview. Your higher philosophy i.e.  HOW YOU LIVE.

Sun and Moon in Taurus, joining Jupiter are going to give Taurus peeps a big boost, big love, big… all of it!


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"new moon in taurus"


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