The Stars This Week: Taproot

That we decided to choose goals for ourselves in the Meditation hall. I have overarching class-goals so this would be more personal.

My personal goal: to work with fear. Ultimately I would like to be fearless but in lieu of that… I’ll just… work with my fear 🙂 get to know it better.

I admit my trip Way Out West refined me, scratched off some of my fears like a two dollar Lucky Seven.


Saturn inconjunct Uranus, exact on Friday, so we are under this energy all week. We don’t want to face it, but face it we must.

Remember that Saturn (in ruthless Scorpio) is moving backwards. Uranus (in impatient Aries) is direct. So they are meeting in this… less than straightforward way. They meet sideways. Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. The inconjunct requires “adjustment,” a double take. Are you smashing things unnecessarily out of fear? Are you building on a solid foundation? Find these transiting bodies in your chart.

I realize that my goal of embodying fearlessness IS Saturn inconjunct Uranus.

Saturn = fear and more often than not Uranus, for me has also equaled fear. The shocking change or awakening, destabilization. The Tower card, the jackhammer.

You know, all the outer planets, their transits, uproot us, but to me this is not a “fall apart” transit. Saturn won’t let that happen but, once again, I have to ask what is it you are holding on to?

And what changes are you intuiting about the coming eclipses? 

Love, MP


I’m thinking about starting a new private message board. The topic? LOVE, sex, relationships, intimacy, synastry, compatibility, all of this as it relates to astrology and tarot.

This board would not be a “class,” but an open discussion group. Anyone can start a thread. 

If this interests you, send me an email. These are paid spaces since it takes time and energy to maintain and also I participate. If enough people are interested, we’ll do it!

I’d want at least 10 to begin. This group would go month to month (at first) and last for as long as people are into it.

Any board I run is a safe, private, supportive space to talk about our personal lives (if you feel comfortable) and all the mystical-spiritual-occult stuff we love so much 🙂


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