The Stars This Week: Swords, Cups, And More!

Grrr, I have a cold!

I feel pretty good actually but have lost my voice. Scratchy froggy throat when I can get a word out.

Strange, isn’t it? To have symptoms but feel… mostly normal.

So I cancelled phone readings tonight and tomorrow and hopefully later this week will be back in voice-action. Frustrating though.

And yet… and yet clearly I am not supposed to talk much for a few days. That’s my take on it. The bigger picture. When I tune-in to this picture,  I relax. A little. 🙂 So here I am, blogging again, instead of prepping for the phone. Hello. 🙂

Let’s take a quick look at the week ahead. Here’s what stands out to me:

Mood swings. Bright ideas. Tons of inspiration. Some implementation. And then cherry on the cake, a Full Moon in Leo.

In terms of the mood swings: be social when you feel the need. And seek solitude when you feel the need. You’ll know the difference starkly. Follow your moods.

In terms of the bright ideas: there shall be plenty. Lots of groovy sextiles/trines involving Uranian energy. The ideas will come fast. Be prepared to write them down or otherwise save them.

In terms of the cherry? You know you need to find 7 degrees Leo in your chart. This Moon makes all kinds of aspects including a frustrating square to Saturn and a trine to Uranus.

In a previous post I was talking about letting something go this Full Moon and what you may need to be let go of could concern your ego (Leo), that fixed identity you cling to. Who are you really? Have you changed? Who are you NOW?

Full Moon for me is in my 11th House. There could be a dream, an old dream, that is no longer me.

Leo is generous so think about to whom and to what you are giving your time/energy. You may desire to make an adjustment. The Full Moon inconjuncts Pluto. There could be a power imbalance here. You feel more emotional than you believe you should.

Pulling three cards now for bone, brain, and blood. That’s my version of body, mind, and spirit.

Body: if you haven’t been feeling well, you’re on your way to health again. It may take a few days but the waters are calm where you’re headed.

Mind: oof! You won’t be able to stop the ideas. Full speed ahead CHARGE! Not feeling this way now? You will, you will. These cards so far could not be more appropriate for the stars I was describing.

And spirit (also emotion): Yes, you will have them! Emotions, that is. You’re not feeling so grounded. Take extra steps (literally).

What I’m also seeing is… okay… again the lack of earth in these cards, the lack of rooting yourself showing the need to work on this and… that’s really the key. Because your mind will be super active and your feelings and intuition will peak. What’s needed is to pull it all together and you do that by being in your body. I keep getting this image of a person seated in lotus and light moving down from the head to the root.

One other thing about these cards: if you have two potential partners or two loves (or two decisions) in your life vying for your attention… in real life or in your mind… this week presents no respite from that. I’m not saying there will be dramarama, despite the Full Moon in Leo. I am saying… the stakes get higher.



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