The Stars This Week! Sun Trine Jupiter

"saturn in scorpioI was talking about a personal matter in the Private Forum yesterday and one of the gals in there asked me “What’s the rush?”

A simple question, right?  It made me think. It surprised me. It made me think again. All I knew is that there was/is a rush.

Maybe I’m going to die at an early age so I’m scrambling for what I want.  I do have Mars square Jupiter in my natal chart. That’s more than a fist-full energy, often followed by collapse. It needs measuring.

And one thing I’ve noticed is that… as much as I’m in a rush to live, the men around me take their time. Why is that? Don’t they realize they’re going to die?

Mars entered Sagittarius over the weekend and is beginning to transit my 4th House. THAT is the rush. The personal matter was, in part, about home. And Sagittarius? They run. To or from.

Sweet aspects early this week that are building now: Sun trine Jupiter (retrograde), Venus trine Pluto, Mercury sextile Pluto, Saturn trine Neptune. It’s a beautiful week.

You know what though? I’m a little more cynical of Pluto these days. I mean, I know what he’s capable of but sometimes I like to sprinkle him over with fairy dust. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig 😉 Pluto is still Pluto and even with the trine from Venus you still have to deal with… emotional intensity (which is exhausting) and gunk (lovely flowing triney gunk) and the feeling that you CAN’T GET OUT. I fucking hate that feeling these days. Uranus through my 8th House wants freedom in the deep dark halls, but it’s squaring Pluto in my 5th. Chains unchained and then chained again.

And despite deep dark Pluto there’s enough good here to make your days good so focus on that. What you focus on expands. Sun (you) is trine Jupiter (luck).

Enjoy 🙂 



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