The Stars This Week! Sun Trine Jupiter And More!

The waters are high. There is much to wade through. This is Pisces Season. Sun conjunct Neptune.

If you feel you are living a dream, this is the reason why.

Neptune rules dreams, sleep, meditation, love, and deception.

Is it always what it seems? No. And yes.

Welcome to Pisces Season 🙂 We aren’t quite… sure. We require advice from Virgo friends. What is real? What is the truth? And then it starts to sink in. Until we need that Virgo help again.

Other keywords: transcendence.

Some say you just go higher, you go above, deny, avoid, look away. That that is a gift of Neptune energy in a chart. Dissociate. Float off.

In my own life, due to my own chart, I need all three water houses. I need to root around in the shit (8th House). I need to feel all there is to feel (4th House) and then and only then do I get the gift of a cloud.

Neptune rules daydreams, fantasies, POTENTIAL, the IDEAL.

But the truth is, my friends, that I gathered you here today because I want to talk about NEXT WEEK, not just wax semi-poetic over my Rwandan organic coffee and Neptune keywords 🙂

People are fighting for their lives. And by that I DO mean literally. People in my inner circle with health crisis. People in my inner circle pushing themselves far far farthest. THIS IS WHO WE ARE RIGHT NOW. We are going the distance. We have that look in our eyes. At our wits’ end. Going bananas 🙂

An OVERVIEW of the week but I’ll be back each day to help guide you through this:

Monday:  Moon enters Capricorn in the morning (setting off Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto over Monday and Tuesday) and VENUS SEXTILE SATURN. 

We’ve had this before due to Venus’ retrograde in Cap but here we are again. Love is serious. Love is solemn (thanks to a Facebook friend for that great word). Love is worth working for. Love IS work. But the rewards are stable and long-term. And I LOVE that we have this again during Pisces Season because love is BOTH. We need both Neptune and Saturn. Hard work pays off. We stabilize. They stabilize.

Tuesday: Pluto sextile Chiron, exact. Check the houses of your chart for this one. They’ve been flirting and now they marry. Metamorphosis meets the red angry Wound. Soul retrieval. You can go back and fix it. Whatever you’ve been struggling with, this is another Balm in Gilead day. You aren’t just spinning your wheels. You actually get there.


I feel aspects more as they build but when an aspect is exact… well… is it the orgasm or the moment after? I don’t know 😉 I’ll leave that for you to decide. This is a bumper car aspect. We don’t know which way it will go. Uranus is a freak. We can’t predict it. The square is uneasy. And Jupiter inflates but is often lucky. Still it’s a Wheel of Fortune. Bumping up against fate. Uranus is the one planetary energy (wrote Isabel Hickey) that we cannot control. Hmm…

Jupiter square Uranus: you will have no choice but to leap outside your comfort zone. Actually, you will be PUSHED way past your comfort zone and that’s where you get another clue. I suspect you are already there.

Friday:  Mercury goes direct, Sun trine JUPITER. A little wobbly, yes. Those early days of a Mercury station may be rife with miscommunication, lost keys, and general bumble-fucked-ness. And in Aquarius??? You may feel that  Man Who Fell To Earth feeling. Apart. Or to quote poet Robert Lowell: my mind’s not right. I myself am hell.

BUT THE SUN IS TRINE JUPITER! Nothing gets you down for long.

Saturday: Mars goes retrograde (until late May) AND it’s a New Moon at 10 Pisces. WTF. Can you feel this? Backwards forwards backwards forwards backwards forwards! I suggest you set the INTENTIONS OF YOUR LIFE on this one. Will blog about this later in the week.

Sunday:  Saturn goes retrograde (until late July). Also Venus is square Mars.

WHERE THE HELL ARE WE BY WEEK’S END??  I hope you will tell me 🙂 And I’ll be right here with you, each day.

P.S. Jupiter goes direct in early March so we’ll have Mars and Saturn on the INTERIOR, working for us behind the scenes, and Jupiter back in action, full strength. What carries us through the retrograde periods is our faith (Jupiter keyword!) and if you don’t have yours gussied up now, I suggest you get it out of storage asap! Go BACK to the house where Jupiter is transiting. Do MORE of that. Do MORE of that house.

Also, a gal in one of the chatrooms mentioned that retrograde periods can be a break. I agree! A much needed break, I think. You have to look away. You HAVE to look over there. Because you cannot keep going as you have been. It’s been frantic hasn’t it? Worry, tumult, angst. Let it fall apart. Just a little. Even for… 30 seconds! Hey, I took the weekend off. That was my early contribution to letting it fall apart. Why do we need to do this? TO PROVE TO THE DIVINE THAT WE TRUST.

I’ll stop here for now. Back tomorrow xo

Love, MP

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