The Stars This Week: Sun Enters Pisces

Gonna tell you what I think.

I think last week, the last couple weeks, were the life-changing weeks.

And this week is the… living with the new reality week. Actually it started this weekend with the Moon in Taurus but it continues.

And if you aren’t noticing this externally, it may be an internal shift. Four of Wands. The changes are good changes. The angels are happy for you 🙂

Monday: Moon’s in Gemini. Sun enters Pisces. Saturn goes retrograde (at 11 degrees. He will rx back to 4 degrees. Goes direct July 8th). BIG DAY. I’m glad actually that the Moon is in swift, light as a feather Gemini 🙂

Tuesday: Moon in Gemini square Mercury and trine Venus. I’m meeting with my accountant this day hmm right before the trine, a pleasant meeting.  Moon square Mercury could be a misunderstanding but Moon trine Venus in air signs is good times 🙂

Wednesday: Moon in Cancer. Sun conjunct Neptune. You are likely to feel more touchy, more psychic. Retreat as needed.

Thursday: Moon in Cancer. See above for my advice.

Friday: Moon enters Leo in the afternoon (relief!) where she remains all weekend and Saturday Mercury goes retrograde at 19 degrees Pisces (and goes direct at 5 degrees Pisces on March 16th.)

Once again, find your Pisces house(s) and your Scorpio house(s). This is where the action is. The story is quite clear really.

I know it’s a lot to take in over one week. I think the Sun entering Pisces is the sweet cherry here. We’ve been waiting for this. The King arrives.

And Saturn retrograde shows what/where you need to edit over these 5 months.

And Mercury retrograde? The past becomes present and I think you’ll feel like you have to make the same choice all over again. Even though you already made it. Expect less clarity than usual thus… please don’t doubt yourself. You were of sound mind when you said YES.

And honestly I wouldn’t worry about Saturn retrograde. It’s here. You’ll live it. You’ll know what it’s about for you as the days pass. And it’s not a reversal but it is, will be, a deeper level of soul-search that I fear… many are not equipped to deal with. If you are used to diving deep, you’ll be fine. If you live on the surface, you probably aren’t reading here anyway 🙂 No more secrets. Can you be yourself? So that you can… know someone else for real. Fewer masks. Pay tribute to your fear. Then let it go. By transforming it. We are all The Magician this week, collectively.

We become wise where Saturn transits. And I am taking the Scorpio-Pisces trine to be an extension of Saturn’s reach. Again, those houses in your chart: Scorpio and Pisces. Think about it!

As for me, I have a trip scheduled next month, after Mercury goes direct. I think it will be life changing and not just because I rarely travel but… I just have this feeling. I plan to keep working during that week by the way, and blogging. I’ll need you guys more than ever 🙂

Got questions about what next week could mean for you? You know how to find me 🙂


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