The Stars This Week: Pisces Season!

"pisces season"

12th House people rejoice!

This coming week is for YOU! And enjoy Aquarius Season while you can because this week we enter Pisces!

Mercury in Aquarius will trine Saturn in Libra and then enter Pisces, conjuncting Neptune right away and oh yes we have this conjunction for Valentine’s Day. Talk about words of love WOW!

Later in the week Mercury will sextile Jupiter and then on the weekend the Sun enters Pisces.

When I think about this week… the closing trines to Saturn and then the conjunctions to Neptune… I feel good. I think it will be a good week. A week to… how to put it… let go. If you’ve been having a difficult winter, if February makes you feel old and cold, think of the coming week as a spiritual bath – whether or not you have a Valentine.

You know what? With all this Neptune/Pisces action this week? Let Spirit be your Valentine. Start there. And then go from there. Go where? Do you care? Write a poem! It’s Neptune Week!

Make the coming week a week of faith, a week of devotion, a week of deep rest. Pisces love their naps 🙂


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