The Stars This Week (Part One) Week of August 19th

This week? A week of ENDINGS & BEGINNINGS.

We got the Full Moon in Aquarius. We got the Sun entering Virgo. We got Mercury entering Virgo!


You keeping up with this? It will be BUSY. It will be BIG.

Something will be settled or finalized with the Full Moon, ruled by tough guy Saturn and expect the unexpected Uranus. You won’t see it coming and yet… it’s been building a while. And not all bad. Really. Not all bad. Meant to be 🙂

And then the weekend? Venus starts dancing with the Big Boys. First up? Pluto. Venus square Pluto on Saturday. Mercury opposes Neptune on Sunday. It’s a lot.

My plan is to go day by day to help guide you through it all so stay tuned — but in terms of the beginning of the week: do focus on the Full Moon and a little R & R: revelation and revolution. THERE SHALL BE A DISCOVERY. Or an ending. Or news. Shocking news. IT WILL NOT BE BUSINESS AS USUAL.

Find 28 degrees Aquarius in your chart. Take a peek at your natal Uranus. Find the house where Uranus rules. Put it all together and… let us know in the comments what you find.

As for the Jupiter stuff? What is shocking about that Uranus square may not be… bad (as mentioned above). It will be fast though. Lickity split.

Can you see this coming? What has to happen? With Jupiter involved, I BELIEVE (Jupiter keyword!) the outcome is ultimately pushing you forward towards your next adventure.

Love, MP


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