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"new moon in aries" So my Poetry Workshop is delayed. Hello Saturn retrograde!

Interested peeps could not commit, the timing didn’t work… (Saturn rules time and timing)

I decided to shelve it for now (April’s class) but something else has resulted and it’s folks wanting to work with me 1:1, independent study, once schedules open up.

I will use much of the same structure that I outlined in this blog post here

Perhaps even small-groups could work for me/us… two or three at a time. Just not the big class.

Hmm that may even be ideal for some who prefer more privacy.

In either case, if you are interested in my writing/creativity workshops or you want to know more about, do email me moonpluto@gmail and YES we will be discussing and writing free-verse poems (in case you are afraid you would be asked to sonnetize) 🙂

Link to my Page of Wands post on Beliefnet
Link to my Ten of Wands post on Beliefnet

Monday: Sun conjunct Uranus, Mercury trine Jupiter, Moon in Scorpio
Tuesday: Mercury square Pluto
Wednesday: Mercury conjunct Uranus, JUPITER GOES DIRECT, Moon in Sag
Thursday: Sun Mercury conjunct
Saturday: Venus enters Gemini

Aries!!! What else do I need to say? We’re in Aries Season, yup 🙂

Sun, Mercury, Uranus (and South Node) SO if Aries is good for you, then you’re good.
If Aries is cranky with your chart? Not so good!

Be forward be onward in the Aries part of your chart.
Be brave.
Be Wandsy 🙂
Got something to take care of there? DO IT. 

What I like best about this week: Jupiter going direct of course and Venus entering Gemini.

Later this month Venus will make sweet love to Jupiter AND Uranus!

It makes me feel happy just writing that 🙂 It’s the week of the 20th and there’s a New Moon in Aries just two days before (28 degrees) so…….. clean up your acts, procrastinators! Aries ain’t got time for that! Clean up your act BEFORE the New Moon and do pay extra attention to your Aries House. Yes yes yes yes you know the drill. The Nodes are there. The Libra Eclipse was there. YES THAT AXIS THAT YOU ARE PROBABLY FREAKIN SICK OF!

Not done yet. But close. Closer. Close 🙂

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